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Holy Matthew Perry! Could it be? It is! A new chapter.

Thanks to those of you who are extremely patient and haven't just forgotten about this.

This isn't my best work, and it's much shorter than the others, but I'm rusty from all that time of not writing.

Here it is.

Exile Part 2?

Scratching his blonde hair, Kevin walked out onto the moonlit road. He looked around the streets before crossing the barren road in front of him. The teen ran onto the beach and wandered around the premises.

“Hmm… where did Rachel tell me to meet her again?” Kevin asked himself. “She had better not be back at the souvenir stand!”

Kevin took out a pokeball and stared at it. “I still don’t know why Jeff freaked out when he saw Blitz… maybe…” He stalled and came to a revelation. “When I asked him about that gash on his arm he said he was attacked by a wild pokemon… was it… Blitz?...” Kevin stopped walking and continued looking down at the pokeball in his hand. “…Cool!” He grinned and continued walking along the beach.

Kevin threw the pokeball onto the sand, which burst in a flash of light. The Scyther appeared and flew up to Kevin, who was busy picking up the thrown pokeball.

“<Hello, Kevin,>” Blitz greeted.

“‘Hello yourself, pal!” Kevin responded, putting a hand on Blitz’s shoulder. “Can ya do me a favour?”

The Scyther nodded and folded his scythed arms. “<Of course I can. What is it that you ask?>”

“I need you to fly around the area and find Rachel and the others. When ya do, tell’m to follow you back here,” Kevin explained.

“<It shall be done,>” Blitz replied. He then turned, flew up, and went out of sight.

Kevin sat down in the sand and rested his head on his fist. “I hope he doesn’t feel committed to come with me after what happened because of his code of honour or something…” He then decided to lie back. “Eh, I’ll talk to ’im later. No sense thinking about it now.”

He yawned and pulled out another pokeball. He pointed it to the sand next to him and from a bright light materialized the Squirtle, Ace. Ace looked about warily and quickly crawled up onto Kevin’s chest. The teen exhaled--anyone would from having a twenty pound turtle stand on their stomach.

“Hey buddy; sorry about earlier with the whole thorn thing, it was kinda an emergency,” explained Kevin.

Ace shakily nodded before sitting down and looking cautiously around the dark beach. As Kevin reached towards him to pat his head, Ace retracted his head a little into his shell. The teen pulled his arm back and sighed.

“Ace, you gotta relax. I’m your friend. You shouldn’t be so uptight,” he said with an approachable grin appearing on his face.

The Squirtle looked down sadly and sighed. “Squirrr…”

“What’s wrong?” Kevin asked the troubled water pokemon.

Ace didn’t reply, he simply rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably.

“Come on, buddy. I’m here to help ya and I can’t do that if you don’t open up a little,” he encouraged.

Ace stalled, but looked up at Kevin.

“I’m not gonna make fun of you or anything. Let’s hear it, pal,” reassured Kevin.

The Squirtle shut his eyes and took a deep breath. He looked like he was about to say something when…

“Scyther!!!” screeched a voice coming from their side.

Ace literally choked on his words and let out a cough before falling off of Kevin’s chest in shock. While he retreated to his shell, Blitz landed standing over Kevin. Following close behind was Rachel, her pokemon, Corphish and Daedalus. They all stopped behind the Scyther.

“Where were you?” Kevin asked, sitting upright and grinning.

“Jeff’s pokemon took off down the beach to follow that Onix of his and then mine followed and I didn’t want to be left alone so I went too!” spat out Rachel rather quickly, obviously out of breath.

“<I have done as you have asked,>” stated Blitz.

Kevin picked up Ace and got to his feet. “Yeah, thanks Blitz. I’ll owe you one!” he said heartily. “Now… Jeff won’t be out until tomorrow morning. I say we go keep an eye on the guards and the Onix to make sure nothing happens to him.”

“Why can’t we just sleep in the hotel for once?” complained Rachel.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” prodded Kevin.

“Where’s your sense of not being an idiot?” Rachel retorted.

Kevin grinned. “Fresh out of that, I’m afraid.”

Corphish chuckled. “<A human with a sense of humor! I thought there were only these on TV.>”

“Shall we get a move on?” asked Kevin.

Rachel sighed. “You do that. Me, Avis, and Strix are going back to the hotel,” she explained, beginning to walk away with her Pidgey on her shoulder. The zubat on the other hand flew towards Kevin.

“<What are you doing now?>” Avis called to Strix, exasperated.

“<I’m staying, of course! I’ve got too much energy to lie around in some room! Yeah!>” the zubat replied.

“<You’re not the sharpest bat in the cave, are you?>” asked the pidgey.

“<What what? I don’t see what the problem is!>”

“<Your problem is you don’t see anything!>”

“<Hey now! That was uncalled for! All we’re doing is going to make sure nothing happens to that Onix guy!>” Strix complained.

She sighed. “<Don’t do anything you’ll regret, Strix,>” Avis warned before turning her head back around.

Noticing that Strix wasn’t near her, Rachel turned around and looked at him. “You want to stay?” she asked, rather surprised. Strix shrugged as he flew in his place. “Hm… fine. Just get into any trouble, okay?” The zubat half nodded and landed on Kevin’s shoulder.

“See? Strix knows where the action is!” Kevin called out, teasingly.

“Men…” Rachel mumbled to Avis. She walked off the sand, onto the sidewalk and down the street.

Kevin and the others began to walk down the beach. Daedalus flew next to Corphish.

“<I hope Atlas is okay,>” the Taillow stated.

“<He’s fine… He’s a giant pile of boulders, what’s the worst that could happen? Besides, they didn’t look like they’d do anything to him…or vice versa,>” reassured Corphish.

“<This is all Jeff’s fault! He came here to win a stupid gym battle!>” growled Daedalus.

“<And here I was thinking he came here to help Treecko. That selfish bastard!>”

Daedalus let out an indignant chirp.

“<Why are your feathers so ruffled, Dae?>” asked Corphish.

“<Well perhaps it’s because Jeff is a hypocrite or a liar! He said that he wouldn’t make us fight in any battles and then he calls ME to fight when I specifically told him that I was morally opposed fighting unless I had to!>”

“<But you’re NOT morally opposed to beating the chlorophyll out of Treecko…>” added the grinning Corphish.

Daedalus shot him a glare. “<Okay, maybe I let my anger get the better of me and MAYBE I owe him an apology for that, but not until I next see him will…>”

The Taillow was interrupted by a burst of light. Kevin threw Treecko’s pokeball in the sand and from it appeared the still-bandaged wood gecko. Treecko took a deep breath and then exhaled. He put his twig in his mouth and glanced over at Daedalus.

Dae was rubbing his own forehead with his wing in exasperation while Corphish was grinning and saying, “<Kiss and make up! Kiss and make up!!!!>”

With a sigh, Dae flew over to Treecko, who eyed his presence.

“<Ahem…>” Daedalus started by awkwardly clearing his throat. “<Howdy Treecko! It’s… nice to see that you’re… okay. Those pokemon centers are… are something… else… yeah…>” Daedalus cringed at himself and rubbed his face with his wing again. “<Uhh… I’m… well I’m sorry for attacking you after you tried to save us... I should have been more grateful… yeah, so… sorry.>”

Treecko gave a half-grin and nodded. Corphish approached the duo.

“<Did you two shake hands?>” he asked them.

“<Don’t push it,>” Dae harshly whispered.

The Taillow’s eyes darted back and forth, looking for an escape.

Very uncomfortable, he gave a very put-on grin.. “<Yeah, so uh… sorry… I’m gonna go hang out with, uhh… Strix… bye.>” With that, he flew off next to Strix and sighed a breath of relief.

“<Welcome back, salad ass!>” Corphish said with a huge grin, as he grabbed Treecko’s hand with his claw and heartily shook it.

Treecko looked rather confused. “<You’re not mad at me?>”

“<Sure you acted like a person on a soap, but everyone has bad days and makes bad decisions!>” said the water type merrily.

“<Bad day is right… Don’t tell ANYONE I said this, but I feel like a total idiot. First I piss off Jeff, then I run off like a wimpy little chikorita, then you guys have to DRAG me back kicking and screaming. Then my bullet seed gets all messed up and I have a hissy fit about that, then I see that Seviper again and go off after it and lose! And THEN I get even angrier about that so I leave you guys and run home and then get caught by that Nidoking. After that I get into a real fight with Jeff AND LOSE and then I fight in that gym battle and almost die…>” Treecko exclaimed, putting his hands behind his head.

Corphish stared at him for a good minute. That was definitely the most he had ever heard Treecko talk and… open up… in all the time he knew him. “<…Well at least you won THAT time,>” he added.

“<I guess so...>” he quietly answered. “<I have to get stronger… and I have to do it alone! But, I have to do it without acting like a sulky, touchy, whiney jerk!>”

Corphish scratched one of his horns in uneasiness. “<You did kinda have an inferiority complex back there… Jeff’s getting over his too, it looks like. What a train wreck THAT was! But you’re not going to run off again are you? Because if you do, can you tell Jeff to give me your servings at lunchtime?>” asked Corphish.

“<No… I’m going to stay. I shouldn’t have run away from my problems before. I need to face them and become stronger… and I’m going to do it without anyone’s help,>” explained Treecko adamantly.

Corphish rolled his eyes. “<…But you’re staying, right?>”

“<Yes, I am. And don’t tell anyone I told you these things… actually, I’m not sure why I even bothered in the first place.>” With that, Treecko got onto all fours, and with a cringe, ran ahead of the group to take point.

The ruffian pokemon half chuckled and half sighed in relief. “<Well, I for one am happy that lizard breath is back,>” genuinely said Corphish to no one in particular.


Atlas still lay on the cave floor breathing heavily. After much effort, he managed to prop himself against the cave wall.

“Errrrrghhh,” growled Atlas in response to his searing gash.

“<He won… again… but not next time… justice must… prevail…>” growled Atlas through gravely heaves.

The wounded Onix managed to stand himself upright and balance himself. He began to slowly slither through the dark cave, awaiting the red spots to stop dancing about his eyes so that he could see fully again. He attempted to retrace his tracks to where Prometheus turned off into the so called “secret” cave. Atlas looked up the rather steep slope. With a sigh, he began to traverse the large incline.

“<Here…>” he mumbled to himself.

He had made it to the top and then looked left, which led deeper into the cave, Just then, he looked down to see two Arons scampering by him with obvious fear in their faces. They appeared to be going towards the exit. He turned left to where they were coming from and saw two more coming towards him.

“<Where are you two going?>” he asked them, who both shrunk back in fear.

“<P-p-p-please, we’re leaving as fast as we can. We’ll be out of here in no time. I promise!>”

Atlas raised an eyebrow. “<Leaving? Why are…>” Then he remembered Cronus and his plan to keep the cave for himself and the other Onixes only. “<Don’t go very far… this cave will be open to all again in not much time at all.>”

The Aron looked confused, but continued to make towards the cave exit. Meanwhile, Atlas continued down the long, dark tunnel. He slithered around stalagmites and over crevices. The cave brought back rather bad memories for him so he chose to look solely at the ground in front of him. For a moment he stopped upon hearing a rather regretful voice.

“<Alright… let’s go… get a move on…>”

Atlas immediately recognized it as Prometheus. He quickly slithered towards where the voice was. The voice echoed down the tunnel. The Onix continued to follow it until he came to a crossroads in the cave.

“<Prometheus! What are you doing?!>” He found the Onix herding out smaller inhabitants of the cave.

“<Atlas!? You’re okay! I’m really sorry for not sticking up for you, but he might have killed me!>” apologized Prometheus.

Atlas growled but then shook his head dismissively. “<Forget it. More importantly, what are you doing?>”

Prometheus allowed his head to sink. “<Cronus put me on exodus duty. I’m supposed to herd out all the other pokemon,>” he shamefully answered.

“<And you’re doing it?! Show some stones for once!!>” roared Atlas.

The Onix was taken aback. “<I…>”

Atlas scowled and then began to slither towards the tunnel behind his friend.

“<Errgh, I’m going to settle this once and for all! I’m not asking you to come with me.>” Atlas slithered past Prometheus and towards Cronus’s cave.

“<W-wait, Atlas!>”

His friend turned slightly. “<Don’t attempt to stop me.>”

“<…I’m coming too. You’re right about all of this. He does need to be stopped.>”

Atlas was frankly surprised, but he then nodded. “<Then let’s get a move on.>”

The two continued slithering down the cavern. As they went, they could see the leering eyes of other Onixes warily watching them as they passed. The duo turned off into another tunnel, where there was a steep drop, that only Onixes could traverse. They crawled down and soon found themselves facing a very large, cavern mouth. This was Cronus’ cave.

“<CRONUS!>” bellowed Atlas.

From inside the cave they heard a gruff chuckle. Appearing from the darkness came the distinct gleam of a Steelix. They heard the creak of the metal against the rocks. Cronus’s grinning face came into view. He slithered out to meet them and reared upright.

“<Atlas… Prometheus…>” he informally greeted.

Atlas growled. “<You know why I’m here.>”

“<I’d be a bigger fool than you if I didn’t… tell me, Atlas, will you ever stop?>” asked the metal serpent.

“<You already know when I’ll stop,>” coldly answered the Onix.

“<It’s a shame for us both that that will never happen. I see Prometheus has managed to sum up his courage to lose against the big bad wolf, as well! Well… make your move,>” goaded the smirking Steelix.

The creaking and grinding of rock could be heard around them. Atlas lunged at Cronus, but felt his movement stopped. He felt a pair of stone jaws lockdown on his neck, causing him to cry out in pain. An Onix had appeared from the darkness and ceased his attack.

“<What?! Get off of me!>” he growled, wrenching his neck around trying to repel the steadfast attacker. Atlas turned around to see Prometheus’s neck also being restrained by an Onix. They were surrounded by fifteen other Onix.

“<It seems that I have the popularity vote here, Atlas,>” mocked Cronus.

“<You fools! Why don’t you attack him?! Don’t you see what he’s doing?!>” shouted the pained Onix.

“<Now Atlas… I still fail to see why you hate my plan so much. Your friends seem to like it! A cave devoted entirely to Onix! No more having to share space with those shrimps of pokemon. No more having to look at the ground wherever we go for fear about accidentally crushing some dimwitted pokemon. We’d have the place all to our clan!>”

“<But it’s wrong! Where will the other pokemon live? This was their home too!>”

“<It WAS indeed,>” Cronus jeered.

Atlas looked back at Prometheus, who motioned back at his attacker. Atlas nodded. Suddenly, both Atlas and Prometheus swung their tails with tremendous power at the Onix biting them, causing the attackers to drop to the ground and free their jaws. Two more Onix charged at them. Atlas whipped his tail up, hitting one in the chin, while Prometheus drove his rocky skull into the other’s face. Both fell back and the rest of the Onix charged at them.

They caused three more to fall after a ferocious defense, but their attackers were persistent.

Atlas and Prometheus attempted to fight off the rest of the horde, but were overpowered and tackled to the ground. Soon they were underneath a massive dogpile and were knocked out from the pressure.

“<I guess third time isn’t the charm,>” chuckled Cronus.


The early morning.

Jeff awakened. His eyes shot open as a result of clanging metal. He groaned and sat up in the rather uncomfortable cot. He saw a guard standing on the other side of the now opened bars, running his flashlight along the bars.

“Hey, you. Jeff, is it?” asked the guard dressed in standard police attire. “You’re free to go now.”

Without hesitation, Jeff immediately stood up and warily walked out of the cell. He walked down the hallway to the lobby, where the guard gave him his backpack at the front desk.

“Now you better not pick anymore fights. Got it? Especially with a leader of a fighting pokemon gym, at that,” warned the guard.

Jeff rubbed the back of his head and nodded. The guard pet his Growlithe who was watchfully sitting beside him and motioned to Jeff that he could go. The teen turned around and saw Rachel come through the front door of the station.

“Hey, Jeff. They told me you’d be getting out around now,” explained Rachel as she entered the building with her Pidgey on her shoulder.

“Hey…” He chuckled awkwardly as a result of feeling like an idiot from being dragged to jail. “Not a smart move on my part… heh uhm… Atlas… what happened to him?”

Rachel stalled. “Well…”

The door behind them swung open and Brawly burst in.

“You two need to come with me right now!” he demanded.

Jeff opened his mouth to protest, but stopped himself. They both followed him out the door where he jumped into a jeep which was idling outside. Jeff and Rachel walked around to the other side of the vehicle and climbed in. Brawly hastily took off from the road and onto the uninhabited beach.

“Where are we going?” asked Rachel warily.

“Something happened with that Onix of his,” Brawly explained while driving over the sand.

Jeff’s stomach twisted. “Can’t you go any faster?!”

Sand whipped up from the jeep tires as the vehicle sped down the beach. It went far down the coast where Jeff hadn’t seen before. The forest seemed to begin to takeover most of the beach for awhile, whereas barely any sand remained. There was just enough for the jeep to drive along it however. It went along like this for awhile until the forest suddenly receded far back along the sand, revealing a large, secluded area of sand. At the other side of the clearing was a Cliffside with a massive cave mouth. Jeff could make out a bunch of figures around the craggy opening. Brawly braked just before them and skidded to a halt, which resulted in a wave of sand hitting the figures. Brawly, Jeff, and Rachel hopped out of the car. They walked up to Kevin, his pokemon, Strix, Corphish, Treecko, Daedalus, and the two guards who were initially watching over Atlas.

“<AHH! I’M BLINDED!>” Corphish cried. “<ALL I CAN SEE IS A HORRIBLE ARRAY OF SAND!>” Daedalus, who blocked the sand with his wing, looked down at Corphish to see him lying face down in the beach. The Taillow pulled Corphish’s head out of the ground by lifting his horns with talons. Corphish chuckled embarrassedly and Dae then whacked him of the back of the head.

Jeff saw a KO’d Onix lying in the sand just outside the mouth of the cave. It looked like it was dragged out. His eyes widened when he recognized the pokemon.

“Atlas?!” he yelled, running over to him. He put a hand on his unmoving head and looked back angrily. “What happened to him?!”

A guard stepped forward and began to explain. “We were keeping an eye on him when some Onix came outta nowhere and started a sandstorm. We and our pokemon couldn’t see and when we opened our eyes both the Onixes were gone with drag marks leading into that cave. Something in there must not have liked him very much.”

Jeff looked over to Kevin, who was tossing a pokeball up and down in his hand.

“It must’ve been that Onix clan…” Brawly mumbled with a hint of anger.

“Onix clan?” Jeff asked with a bit of surprise.

“Some bogus clan of Onix have been forcing all of the other pokemon living in the cave out, so now they’ve got no place to live and our pokemon center has been chalked full.”

Jeff pointed his pokeball at Atlas and returned him to it, half expecting Brawly to hit his arm again.

“So they did this to Atlas?” asked the angered Jeff.

“Right, bro. He also has the scar,” Brawly explained.

“The scar?” Jeff questioned, remembering the scar on the left side of Atlas’s face.

“A deep, gash that signifies exile from the clan. It’s usually given after a bad fight or argument with the leader or the whole clan. He already tried to come back once for whatever reason, and this time he was lucky. Next time, they might just kill him for good,” explained Brawly.

“What?” asked Jeff in bewilderment.

“Your Onix can’t come back here... EVER! I’m not just saying that because he destroyed those buildings, but it’s for his own good. If he’s back here, he’ll probably want to go back to that cave here and those Onix may go as far as to kill him. If not, he’s probably going to get beat up pretty badly and he might go on another destruction spree out of rage-I’m not going to let that happen to this city Got it, bro? He’s got to go.”

“So we can’t come back here?!” Jeff questioned with rage building. Thankfully for him, he managed to keep his anger under tabs-learning his lesson from last time.

“Not if you still have that Onix with you, you can’t,” replied Brawly, crossing his arms.

“Well… lucky for you I’m not about to abandon him,” explained Jeff, scowling.

Brawly chuckled. “Well at least I can respect you for that. It is a shame however, that Treecko of your woulda made a tubular surfer… you, not so much.”

Jeff shot him a glare and returned Corphish and Daedalus to their pokeballs, as did Rachel and Kevin with their pokemon. Jeff pointed a pokeball at Treecko but stalled. He then remembered his injured ribs among other healing wounds and decided it was for his own good. He then recalled the grass type and sighed.

“I’ll see you later…” Jeff said as he turned his back to Brawly and began walk down the beach.

“Not if you’re lucky,” he heard Brawly mutter before the gym leader turned to the guards.

The trio walked in half darkness, as the sun was only just rising. They began to make their way out of the secret clearing.

“Can you believe this?!” interjected Jeff. “This is ridiculous! I’m not allowed to come back here because of something that Atlas didn’t even do?!”

“Look on the bright side, at least you got your badge here before you and your Onix went all Mel Gibson on Brawly and whatever the hell was in that cave,” Kevin added.

“I’m sorry, I thought I was talking to Kevin, not Corphish!”

They walked past the intruding forest and onto the regular beach, where there were still no inhabitants due to the early hours of the morning.

“So we make for Briney’s?” Kevin asked them.

“There’s no better ferry service?” inquired Rachel.

“Not right now, no. Don’t start this again, when you said the boat smelled like fish, Ace got all self-conscious because he’s a water type,” explained Kevin.

“At least we’re almost there,” added Jeff.

Just then a person came running down the adjacent street. It was Nurse Joy. “There! The blonde one!” she yelled, pointing at Kevin. “He’s the one who stole that Treecko!”

Kevin’s eyes widened. “Run… run… run run! RUN!!!!!”

With that, the three charged from the beach to the dock with Briney’s boat.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” yelled Jeff while running down the pier.

They dove onto the boat and begged the captain to take off. The boat set sail just before anybody could catch up to them.

“…Kevin?” panted Jeff. “… I am… going to… kill you…”
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