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Edit 7/27:
Ah! I finally finished doing part of what I was working on. I've been trying to roughly sprite my own maps in MS Paint of the first town, routes and the like, and I have completed the third place visited in the game: Grovine Town! I'm also currently working on my starter pokemon, so I have a lot of work on my palette. Here's my little example, and I'm sorry about the size. Just right click and get the image source and you can see it better on my photobucket.

Edit 7/22: I need some help making a title screen (intro screen). Anyone willing to help me make one? (you'll be credited)
Edit (2): Production has slowed nearly to a stop... I'm stumped. Does poccil's starter kit have D/P tiles and sprites? If not I'm on my own... and anyway, I need a lot of help with maps, too. I drew them by hand, but I need someone to sprite them. Any takers PLEASE Pm me.

Edit 7/19:
Look! I made myself a banner! I'm also going to be (very soon) posting application forms to join my team, and I assure you, I will need a large and dedicated team of workers.

First Edit:
Thanks for the early support, guys! I'm about 40% done with drawing my pokemon, giving them movesets, abilities and the like. I'll have them scanned and put up on my thread when finished, and I will sprite all of them, unless anyone wants to give me a hand. I will also have some screens of the maps I designed, so more of that later. =D

Hey everyone! For those of you whom saw my post, I'm a new member. I'm a rmxp noob, so I really don't know much about anything, which is why I will need a skilled crew, patience and a crapload of effort. But more about that later. This is my first real post, so here goes: this is the plot of my story.

1,000 years ago, two Pokemon, the rulers of galaxies and stars, began their climactic feud up in outer space. The battle between these two titanic monsters resulted in devastating effects for the earth - the planet caught up in the center of the battle. The seemingly endless vendetta between Gyrosun, the ruler of the stars, and Volcanway, the ruler of galaxies, had caused climactic events for people on the earth. Natural disasters ran rampant all across the planet. After about 500 years of incessant brawling, one Pokemon was resurrected from a meteor that had struck the earth during the beginning era of the feud. Nobody knew anything about it, except that it imprisoned the two pokemon in the fabric of space for all eternity.
The story starts in the present. You, a 15 year old greenhorn pokemon trainer, accompanied by you friend and rival, receive word from a dream that a mysterious gang of delinquents who label themselves the Shadow Cult have risen to pose a challenge to the justness of the world. The Shadow Cult's objective was to destroy the bond that the special Pokemon had held on Gyrosun and Volcanway, to release them from the depths of space and take control over them to rule the world. When you wake up from the dream, you decide it would be best to get your first pokemon from the pokemon professor, and begin your journey to saving the world from utter destruction. Once you, your friend and rival each get one of the three starter pokemon, you're already off. You hear from your mother that it would be wisest to travel to Portios City, because it's within closest proximity to your island home, Pamtree Town. A boat captain resides on the west end of the town. When you get permission to board the boat, your adventure has already begun. Unbeknown to you, though, the boat was actually set for a crash collision with the ocean floor! The Shadow Cult is already one step ahead of your adventure, and takes over the boat. Unfortunately you cannot save the ship, and you're sent to the bottom of the ocean, and need to escape. Accompanied by your rival and friend, you also are unaware that an offset tag-team of Shadow Cult members whom call themselves Team Shade are also down with you. You battle them when you first run into them, but then team up to escape a certain underwater doom. The duo are also paired up with a Pokemon that walks around with them - a Shadorb (electric/ghost).
After you and Team Shade reach the surface, unable to allocate land, you're forced to board a floating raft. Team Shade, barely conscious, lay on their backsides. After a short cut scene about the Shadow Cult cronies Team Shade, the story continues. Team Shade wakes up and babbles nonsense in confusion. Before long, your raft is shaken, and it begins to rain. A rogue gang of Chromark (water/steel) surround your raft and create a typhoon! It engulfs all of you, and the title screen starts up. After that, you wake up in a hotel bed in Portios City, the first gym leader town.



Time Frame
Yes, the Day and Night system is going to be featured in this game. Shifts are Morning, Day, Afternoon, Dusk and Night


What do I mean by customization? What I mean is a really fun factor to this game - because you can customize a lot of things! Not only can you customize your trainer COMPLETELY, but you can customize the look of your house, secret base, trainer card and more!

Noticeable Differences
Unlike in D/P, the pokemon in this game are all going to be physically different, and the differences will actually be explicit. Not only will Pokemon be physically diverse, but also your Pokemon's nature, stats and abilities are exclusively based on the specie's gender.

You should be happy to know that the old re-battling system of D/P has been completely revamped for this game. I won't release any specifics just yet, but trust me, it will be really cool! Oh, and you can also battle gym leaders over, and a compelling feature - you can re-battle the climactic events in the story with the Shadow Cult!

The gyms will be fully revamped to support a more anime-based gym look. Take for instance the battlefield separated in the center by a pokeball, and field accommodations based upon the type of pokemon being used in the gym. There will also be 16 gyms in all, which means there will be a gym for every type of Pokemon except for the Bug type. Another fun addition is that the gym battle will be so similar to the anime to the extent that it is a three dimensional system similar to the original Pokemon Stadium games. And as if this couldn't get any better, during the battle there is a feature that allows you to record the battle, so later on you can relive your greatest gym battles!

Online Capabilities
Just like in D/P, online trading, battling and exploring with other trainers. It won't be easy to work out a feature this big, but I'll find a way. The Battle Frontier

The Pokedex for Pokemon Chrome has been completely redone, courtesy of myself. It won't feature any of the old Pokemon, but instead, 500 completely new Pokemon I created myself, all unique and made to accommodate the features of this game.

In addition to all of the old attacks, I have created about 100+ new attacks to the roster. There are 92 TM's in all (subject to change to 110 TM's) and about 9 HM's - some new, some old.

Pokemon Snagging

Straight from Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness, the snagging Pokemon feature makes a triumphant return. You get to snag certain Pokemon taken by the Shadow Cult. The Pokemon you snag can be kept, but can't be used until they are finished being researched and extensively cared for by the Pokemon center. After they become purified, they act as normal Pokemon.

Vehicular Transportation
To get between areas in the game, there are certain modes of transportation. Mainly is the boat, but you need to take an airplane to the elite four and the second area of the Marxx region, unaccessible until you beat the elite four the first time.

In-game Weather
Don't be surprised if it starts raining in a random area! The weather effects are sandstorm, thunderstorm, rain, hail, snow and sun.

Story Mode
When you complete the game for the first time, and that means COMPLETELY, a story mode will be unlocked for the main menu. In this mode, you can start an entirely new story from the point of view from a Shadow Cult member, admin or leader, Team Shade, your rival, your friend or even the professor! With this feature, there will definitely be a ton to do.

Soon to be created by me, there will be a whole list of new pokeballs with unique features adding on to the list of all the previous pokeballs.

Mini Games
Although this game is already packed, nothing makes a game without a little fun mini game. I want this game to be riddled with them for added fun! There will be an underground feature, but it will be more fun, as you can run into wild pokemon home only to the underground area you're in. Other mini games will include games similar to challenges seen in the anime for the Orange Island episodes. There will be a cake-baking feature, a berry mixer, Pokemon water, land and aerial racing and tetris (like Pokemon Puzzle League), and all of these will be accessible for online play!

End Notes

Well that's about it for everything concerning my game. I know it may seem daunting, but I need a LOAD of help from you guys in the community to get this game off the ground. I'll need a whole crew of dedicated members. I pray that there are some of you out there who can help me out. Don't worry, I'm going to be a part of the game as well, but I'm going to need all the help I can get, especially from those who can understand coding and actionscripting from rmxp.

I'm begging to the community to help, because believe this game can be great, and it can only become that with your help. I've also been designing this game and it's factors since I was about 8 years old, and I'm 15 now, so this means a lot to me.

For contact, just send me an e-mail at [email protected].

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