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More of the same from me, really. I'll read anything once, to give it the benefit of the doubt, and from your last one-shot that I saw I know you can definitely pull a story like this off.

Like the others, I question the motive. I'm more concerned, however, by the fact that Claire owns a Pokemon, yet is rampantly sociopathic. How did she get her hands on a Bulbasaur, which canonically is only given out by Professors? I mean, did the professor just not notice he was handing a cute, little innocent monster to a rampaging psycho who likes to choke cute little animals?

I mean, if the Pokemon equivalent of PETA knew about this girl I doubt the story would end outside of rehab. o.0

Still, I have no doubts that you'll be easily able to explain that away, so good luck. And another guranteed reader/possible reviewer if I can ever get my motivation back.

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