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@Alter Ego: Meh, I was just ranting/venting. (Rain all you want? o_o) I haven’t had a chance to in a while.
(By the way, wasn’t Neo Genesis a site? As the name sounds familiar)

I joined a REALLY good role-play (no, really. Its plot was far better then most) with some friends about a month back, expecting something good (as people usually do?). A few days past and we all thought the creator of the thread was just busy or adding to the thread, etc. etc. A week past, and I sent him a private message asking if the role-play was even going ahead.
No reply. (big surprise there D: )

I sent him another message a few days ago asking the same thing - and yet again;
No reply.

Anyway about my previous post, I was just lumping the two together as excuses, but you're right. There is a difference between them.
I don’t know how many times I've been in a good role-play, and either the leader quits or most of the members do. If they do respond to my message/messages (I usually send one after about a week of not responding to the RP, if I actually like its plot and such), its usually either:
"I forgot about that, whoops!"
"My computer wouldn’t let me post!"

Its really annoying, especially for an up-and-coming RPer/writer/etc. like me, who really gets into the storyline after a few posts - and its happened far too many times for me to be comfortable with. And, as Loki or someone else has probably pointed out, if you don’t have time to Role-play in the first place, please don’t bother signing up. D:

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