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Chapter two: Times long past.

Darren was in the hospital for the rest of the day after he woke up. The medical equipment and the lights where the only things that where working, so he was pretty bored. He spent half the time staring at the ceiling, counting the tiles. His mother had left not long ago, she said she had some sort of surprise for him. Well, whatever the surprise was, it was probably better looking that the ceiling. The hospital was on quite solid ground, but still took quite a beating during the earthquake. The tiles where chipped in quite a few places, and a few of them where missing. It was tricky, but Darren could still make out the design. Flowers. The ceiling in his room had a flower design on the ceiling tiles. The dust had settled on the ceiling somehow, and was on the tiles in such a way that it looked like the dust was on the pedals.

"Figures," He thought, "I get the room with flowers." He was somewhat annoyed by this, due to the fact that no one had told him about his sunflora during his stay there. Then he remembered everything. The bodiless voice, all of his memories of an Absol, and the horrible news.

"No." He thought, " My Sunflora made it, I'll see her any minute now." Darren hoped this, but he knew it wasn't true. He would never see his Sunflora's yellow pedals again. He started crying at this thought. He had spent almost his entire life with his Sunflora. He was the one who bought the sun stone to turn it into a sunflora. he just couldn't believe it was gone.

"Hello dear, I'm back." His mother gently said, then relized he was crying. She hurried over to his bed and said "Honey, is everything okay?" "No, everything is not okay, my Sunflora is gone!" Darren did not mean to sound so rude, but didn't care anyways. He just wanted to see his Sunflora's yellow face again, smiling back at him. He remembered the day he found it, ten years ago.

It was a beautiful summer day, not a cloud in the sky, rather hot though. The pine trees gave the forest a rather pleasant scent, but he knew better than to climb them, the sap would stick to him like glue. He did not want another incident where his mother would yell at him for being covered in pine sap. He was exploring the woods around his house when he saw them. About five or six Nincada where batting the poor little sunkern back and forth.

He ran up, shouting "Hey! You get away from that Sunkern!" But, of course, they did not listen. Instead, they turned on him. You could tell that they where about to jump on him when, unexpectedly, the Sunkern tackled one! Darren was surprised by this, but did not waste a moment. He ran home as quick as he could, and told his mother everything that had just happened. She rushed towards the battle with her Swellow not far behind. But, they had a little surprise when they saw what had happened. The sunkern was just sitting there, smiling at itself. The Nincada where spread out around it, every single one knocked out and bruised in one spot or another. Darren was just standing there, amazed. The Sunkern then jumped on him, almost knocking him over. It seemed as happy as could be, and he returned the expression. His mother was standing there, amazed as well. She called Swellow down and told it everything was okay. Swellow had a quizzical look on its face, but did not inquire further.

He then turned to his mother and asked her "Mom, can we please keep this Sunkern! Please!" He was about to continue begging when his mother said "If you cannot find its family, then yes, you may keep it." At this the Sunkern had a very sad look on its face, and looked like it was about to cry. Both Darren and his mother took this as a sign that the sunkern had no family. "Well, looks like we have a new member to the family!" His mother said, causing much jubilation to both Darren and sunkern.

A few years later, Darren and his Sunkern where sitting on a boulder in the forest, watching the many sights. It was mid-october and the leaves where as beautiful a sight as could be. All the different hues of red and orange, mixed with the green of the few evergreens in the forest, made Darren wish he had some painting skills further than abstract art. But, alas, Darren settled for watching the leaves. It was at this time that a man broke the silence. He was a middle-aged man, and looked like he had been traveling his whole life. He had a rather large backpack on and a walking stick that looked like someone had twisted it into a corkscrew.

He walked up to them and said, " How would you like to buy a sun stone for that there Sunkern of yours?"

Well, Darren was taken aback by this comment, but asked him "How much?"

"Only ten dollars, five for any more stones you may want." The man said.

Darren was not one to pass up a good deal, and in fact had haggled quite a few items down from their original price. He said to the man "Wait here, I'll go get some money." "Can do." The man replied, while sitting on the rock himself.

Darren ran home as fast as he could, with his Sunkern clinging onto his shoulder. He ran up to his room, nearly knocking over his mother in the process. He grabbed his wallet and started running down he stairs, only to find his mother, in one of her many flower pattern dresses, hands on her hips, giving him a glare that said "What do you think you are doing?" He knew that glare, from years of hyperactivity, and explained. He ended is explanation with "Do you need any type of stone?" His mother replied with, "How do you know this man isn't trying to rip you off?" Darren had not thought of this and said "Well, I don't, I'll just have to risk it, now won't I?" His mother just sighed and said "Take Gloom with you and get two sun stones. If Gloom evolves into Bellosom, then you can keep the stone. you know what to do if it doesn't work, right?" "Right mom, see you later!" He said, on his way out of the door. "That boy cannot keep still for one second." She thought, returning to her flowers.

When he got back the man was sitting next to a smeargle, watching it paint the beautiful forest scene. Darren was quite when he said "Excuse me sir, I'm back for the stones you offered." The man simply turned to Darren and said "Oh yes, what would you like?" Darren bought the sun stones and asked him to wait. He agreed and returned to watching his Smeargle paint. Darren turned to gloom and said "Well Gloom, are you ready?" It just stood there, drooling. "I'll take that as a yes." Darren mumbled as he placed the sun stone on Gloom's foot. At first, nothing happened. Darren was about to ask for his money back when Gloom started glowing. The first change was the pedals growing out of its waist to form a skirt, then it grew flowers where its ears would have been and finally, its body became thinner and green. "Whoa." Was all he could think. The newly made Bellosom smiled at him and started skipping back towards the house.

He turned to his Sunkern, but it just avoided the sun stone. Darren got the message from the scared look on Sunkerns face. Sunkern did not want to evolve yet. Darren simply said "Its okay if you do not want to evolve, I won't make you."

The very next year his Sunkern hopped over to where he kept the sun stone in his desk and called to his friend. Darren heard Sunkern and came over, and saw where Sunkern was sitting, and gave a silent cry of joy. He opened the desk drawer and pulled out the sun stone. He placed it next to Sunkern and watched the evolution work its magic.

Sunkern started get taller, then feet sprouted out of its bottom, followed by legs, then the pedal arms sprouted from its torso and finally, pedals formed a circle around its new face. Sunkern was now Sunflora. It gave a cry of rejoice and tried out its new legs. It was like watching a child take its first steps. Sunflora was very wobbly and fell over more than once, but within a week it could walk like any other being with legs.

His memories where interrupted by his mother saying "Yes dear, I know, they found your Sunflora in the rubble, the funeral is tomorrow. I am very sorry dear." Darren just broke out crying at this, he did not know what he would do from now on.

Well? Was it better than the first chapter? I hope so.

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