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Hey i was wondering if it was to late to sign up if not heres my sign up.

Name: Beo Zehper

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Beo is on the short side for his age being about only 5'7. He weighs no more the 135 lbs, and his build is of the athletic kind.. NIce sized arms, abs, you get the picture. Blonde is the color of his hair, which is on the short side with the front spiked up. His eyes are a light blue, and ar usualy squinted when he is outside. Beo wears a black short sleeved under armor type shirt, with a blue vest over top. On the vest you can see pockets which holds all of his pokemon. He wears a black head band with wristbands. On this bands are pokeball desings that go the whole way around. Usually is always wearing blue jeans, and his sneakers. He carries around his back pack which is black, with a big poke ball design in the middle. Although there is one thing that makes Beo very self concsious about himself, and that is a big scar that starts about an inch above his left eye, and ends about an inch below his left eye.

Personality: Beo is a very outgoing young man, although his mouth can get him in to a bit of trouble when going on about how he is going to be the best trainer someday. Besides the fact of that he is usually relaxed except for in times of crisis. He is not always the smoothest guy when it comes to talking to girls ether, he tends to stutter or forget what to say. Probably one of the worst things about him though is his hero complex, he feels like he always has to help people out even when they dont ask for it. This causes Beo alot of grief because it always seems to get him in to awful situations. All in all Beo is a good kid, he just lets his ego get the best of him at times. When it comes to seeing people upset or hurt Beo has a weak spot for them becuase of what happened with his brother.. He is very caring and gentle towards pokemon and hates to see them being used for the wrong reasons. When you first meet him he may come on a s a bit strong but thats just how is around new people but once you get to know him he calms down a bit.

Background: Beo was born in the Johto region, where he also grew up, with his twin brother. Beo grew up around alot of strong pokemon trainers, becuase of his dad's reputation. When Beo was five years old his dad let him play with his elektabuzz, and thats when he knew he wanted to e a pokemon trainer. When Beo and his brother turned 10 they were getting ready to leave on there journeys heading separate ways, Beo was going to go to Shinnoh, while his brother would go to hoenn. On that day though Beo's brother went missing before his boat left, nobody every knew what happened to him... It killed Beo inside not to know so he post poned his journey to stay home with his parents.

Beo ended up not being able to leave becuase he was scared something would happen to him like it did his brother. When Beo's 18th birthday came around he relized it was time to leave when his dad told him that when he saw Beo playing with pokemon he knew his destiny and that was to be a great pokemo trainer like himself. He had alot of ground to make up for thse lost eight years. That day marked the day of his journey, although he had this feeling that he was being watched by somebody he shrugged it off and left home to go on his journey

And could i get chimchar as a starter?