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Chapter three: Another point of view.

He did not enjoy his job, in fact, you might say he hated it. But he had no choice, he was an Absol. Most Absol's tend to bad events, but few are assigned specifically to one person. He was one of those few. He remembered his assignment day, the wind was running through his milky white fur, his sleek, black claws digging into the dirt, his blade, in all of its jet black glory, gave him a sense of pride. He wasn't happy though, even though all signs would say he was. Saul (his name,) was not fond of the idea of leaving his family and tracing unfortunate events. He would rather be one of the wild ones than be a tracer. In fact, he almost did join the wild ones at one point. He didn't because he realized the pain and suffering it would bring his family. He stayed at home and lived his life up until that day. That dreaded day. He was second in line, only because his mother made him wake up early. So, of course, he didn't get to prepare himself mentally for the assignment.

"Saul, come on up please." The chief elder Absol called. "Your assignment is a very special one, I want you to follow a young boy named Darren Shore, until either you are recalled, or either of you die." One could not begin to describe the look of shock on Saul's face, he was assigned to a specific human? How could this happen, he had no special skills that he knew of, and (as the the elders knew) hated the idea of being a tracer.

"Sir, are you sure you have not made a mistake?" Saul said, hoping it was true.

The elders face remained stoic as he said "Sorry son, I have not made a mistake. You have enhanced telepathic abilities, and therefore can aid humans better than any other." He ended to this by saying "Next!"

Saul was scared at the thought, he did not want to watch one person. He wanted to see the world (or wherever he was assigned to,) not watch some bratty snot nosed human child. But, being a tracer was what he had to do. "Well, you have to do what you have to do." He thought, trying to hold back his depression. At least he found out something new about himself.

He decided to try out his new found ability before beginning his job. He walked up to a human carrying a briefcase, and concentrated really hard on the person and said "Hi, how are you?"

The human simply said "I'm late for work,that's how I'm doing." Saul was surprised that this man did not ask who was there, but humans were an odd species.

He followed Darren for four years before it happened. One vital detail you must know is that an Absol's job is not just to follow a person, but to protect them, to an extent. They would let the bad event unfold, but keep the event from getting any worse. They make sure the human didn't get killed. But the Absol's who cover a large area can only help so many people, so some may die, if the event is big enough. The event that Saul experienced left a scar on him that would never heal, but granted him a new form of respect among his fellow tracers. He was watching Darren, his assigned human, when he broke his leg on a trampoline, a seviper was out, catching its lunch, and saw a zigzagoon run by Darren. The seviper lunged at the zigzagoon, poison practically dripping from its fangs. The small raccoon Pokemon dodged the attack, but Darren did not have the same luck. He just sat there, paralyzed with fear and pain, and watched the events unfold. Saul jumped in front of Darren, just in time to get his blade hit by seviper's fang.

"Leave." Saul hissed at the seviper.

"No," The seviper hissed back, "that zigzagoon is still hiding behind that child, tracer."

Saul did not know what to do, should he fight the snake, or give it the zigzagoon? He decided on the former. He lunged at the snake, creating a sizable gash in its body.

The flames of hatred burned in its eyes as it returned the attack, only to receive another, larger gash.

One could tell that if it were not hurt so, it would have kept up the fight, but instead said "If we meet again, tracer, you will have a few more scratches than the one I just gave you." and slithered off.

Saul realized that Darren was staring at him, and quickly jumped away. He wondered what the seviper meant when it said, "You will have a few more scratches than that one I just gave you." As far as he knew, it only hit his blade, and that was with its head. Then, as he passed a pond, he realized what it meant. As he gazed into the glass like water he saw his blade. A long scratch was stretched from the tip to the base of the blade, the fang must have hit it. He did not feel the scratch due to his lack of nerves in that area, and was glad it was that way. He quickly rinsed it in the water, to eradicate any poison that may have gotten on it. As he stared in at his new self, he realized he needed to get back to work. The small human was about to find out he had to be in a wheelchair.

The many events in Darren's life unfolded like an accordion, and Saul was there to witness every unfortunate one. Right up to the earthquake. He had seen Darren jump out the window, and new he would not last long. He rushed over to Darren and saw him unconscious, and covered in dirt. Saul gave out a loud bark to draw attention, seeing that the paramedics where nearby. He then ran away.

He followed the ambulance all of the way to the hospital, and stationed himself outside of Darren's room, awaiting his awakening. He stood there, with the whine of sirens blasting into his ears, just like a dog would wait for its owner. He followed the small Shore family, on their way to the funeral for the Sunflora that followed Darren around. He was in the shadows, listening to the eulogy, when he decided enough was enough.

As Darren walked up to the podium in the church and began his eulogy, that was when Saul made a decisive action. Saul crept in through the shadows so he was close enough to telepathically say to Darren "I am truly sorry for the loss of your Sunflora, but I think I may be able to help."

Darren was cut short by this, and spoke in quite a surprised manner "Who said that?" He had heard the voice from his dream.

"We'll talk later." Saul said. "Just finish your eulogy. I believe you where at the part about watching Sunkern turn into Sunflora"

Well, later came, and Saul found Darren, sitting in one of the pews, crying. "Hello Darren, its me again."

Darren jumped to his feet at this, and shouted "Who said that? You must be messing with my head, you sick, twisted bastard!"

"Calm down, and look at the back of the church." Saul peacefully said. Darren looked at the back of the church and saw him, in all of his white, silky glory.

"An Absol?" He thought "In a church?" He then shouted "Who's Absol is this, come out, now!" But, no answer came, aside from the Absol staring at him, as if waiting for him to realize something. He broke down at this, "Can't you just leave me alone?" He sobbed "Can't you see I'm already in enough pain?"

Saul knew that humans weren't the brightest beings, but with the facts all laid out neatly like this he wondered how humans could have survived this long, but still be so ignorant. He walked up to Darren and said "Your Sunflora called itself Flora, just like your mother."

Even one of the dumbest humans on earth would of gotten it this time, but Darren was scared and confused, so he still did not get it. "Who are you?" He repeated, "Just come out!" But all he got was the Absol's patient stare. At this, Darren knew that somehow, the Absol was talking to him. "How." He muttered "Pokemon can't talk, only the strong psychic types. I must be going crazy! I must be imaging all of this!"

Saul was about to give up when he thought of something "Darren, if I where imaginary, could I do this?" At that Saul scratched a small mark onto Darren's hand.

It was just a simple scratch, but Darren finally got what was going on. "How can you talk?" Darren asked the Absol.

The dog Pokemon raised its paw and patted its head and said "Telepathy, some dark types have mind powers to you know."

Darren, having accepting the fact that he was talking to an Absol, said "You said you could help, during my eulogy, right?"

"Right." Saul told him. "First off, my name is Saul, so don't give some stupid nickname like 'Fluffy' or 'Whitey' got it? Also, under no circumstances will I go into one of those infernal pokeballs."

"Got it." Darren replied. Saul then continued to explain all of the facts it knew about Darren's Sunflora.

Close to five o'clock (the funeral started at three) Saul finished with "I'm sure that Flora was happy, and wouldn't have wanted you moping about, wishing she where here."

As if on cue though, his mother came in and said to him "Darren dear, Its time to go home, that surprise I mentioned is waiting." She then saw the Absol and said "Your little friend can come too, maybe I'll call him Fluffy, or maybe Whitey," Saul just groaned at this and followed Darren to the car.


Well, this one took some work. I was up until 1:13 in the morning writing this one, not including revision. many of the spelling and grammatical errors are due to the fact that I use wordpad instead of Microsoft word (my mother hasn't re-installed word yet, we got a new computer.)
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