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Welcome to my Pokémon game’s thread!(Well It's Now goldenpalkia's)
Game name: Pokémon Multi-Version
Made with: RMXP [RPG Maker XP]
Hi! I'm Darkerarceus I am the creator of Pokémon Multi-Version
It has been a hard time preparing and creating the game.
Now that goldenpalkia has taken over I don't need to work
on this game as i'm working on an MMORPG.

Many Evil Teams Have Fallen.
A New Evil Team Has Rosen.
Many Heroes Have Fallen.
Pokémon are Fainting.
A Hero is born.
Pokémon are Rising
A Legend Has Been Stronger Than Ever Before.
An Evil Team Has Been Stronger Than Ever Before.
A Hero Has Started an Adventure Like Never Before.
The Ennox Region is having more trouble and disaster more than in History.
Giratina is sleeping in the middle of a desert.
Manaphy is diving in the corals of the reef.
Shaymin has hidden in a big meadow.
Darkrai is hiding somewhere in a cave.
Arceus is raging along a hidden island.

•Day&Night System
• Mystery gift feature (you will learn more about on the second floor of the PokéCenter
•Player V.S Pokémon Battling
•Custom Music
•Nickname Pokémon
•Most Things a Pokemon Game Has
•Battle with the all new Team Retarted!
Screen Shots

Join the Team
Do you want to join the Pokemon Multi-Version Team?
Well Copy this Form into your PM, Fill in the places where you need to
and send it to me!

Open Positions
Music Maker: 3 Positions Open
You work alongside me to make music suitable
for the type of music we are working on.
Mapper: 1 Position Open
You work alongside me making the maps for the places.
Idea Suggester: 2 Positions Open
You work alongside goldenpalkia to suggest ideas
for the game.
Lead Spriter: 1 Position Open
You are the lead spriter for the game, that means you
can tell the other spriters what I want them to do.
Spriter: 3 Positions Open
You will work with the lead spriter (when there is one!)
to make the sprites I want you to do in a fun way.
darkerarceus - not working on anymore
- Head of Project
- Game’s Creator
- Lead Story Writer
- Lead Music Maker
- Lead Mapper
goldenpalkia - Now is Head of Project
- My brother
- Lead idea suggester
- Co-Founder
Current Demo Previous Demos
Demo 0.1 None
Current Stuff
Places Ready – Revent Town, Route 501, Mt. Vaulder, Route 502, TreeCut City (with gym!)
Trainer Battles!
and most other stuff I mentioned
I made a support Banner for all you fans

Credits To
Flameguru – for his awesome starter kit!
Nintendo – for making pokémon
PokéCommunity – For letting me share this with you
You – For Reading This
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