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Originally Posted by ScyKinG View Post
Err no but I didn't want to go back to the 1st page to find the format, so thinking his was right I copied his

anyways... I changed my order a little bit

"Pokemon Theme: Pokemon Shaped - You're supposed to put the species of pokemon here. I know you want a pokemon shaped one already, since you filled out the form for the pokemon shaped card. So you want... Nidoking now? O__o
Name: ScyKinG
Info: None
Specific Sprites?: Any NidoKing Sprite

Background: Just like the other Pokemon shaped artwork you did. - ...Huh? That's way too vague. Please either link to an image you want, or tell me something you want as the background. A forest, beach, stars, etc.
Trainer Sprite: ( OR Whichever looks better )

**I only want 1 or 2 of those badge things inside the Pokemon =D - ... So you want badges? Please specify which ones. The names of the badges are >here< if you need to know what the ones you want are called.
Read the red parts, please ^