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The "official" FanFiction Lounge Orgy post.

Kick arse. :D

Jaxxxy (three x') x Oni x Scythey or whatever his new name is x Asty x Phany x Thesis and his many blasphemic names x Alter ego x The stupid Gummy bear x this random silver person x Baybaybaybaybaybay x Turtleking x Lashy (ogod) x mewthree(random fandom!) x Saff x Sike x Jaxxy (owait, already said him xD) x bobandbill (mirror b!!) x DP479 x this luphinid person x DP-Chan x fanfiction x Guest x parody one-shot x John Paul x Andy x Angel x Grovyle (Griff) x Golden Riolu x ONIONS x Anon! x Burnt Flower x kc x Duncan x PeachyBoy x Royal Genesis's computer x An-chan x POB (It's pronounced the French way!) x txty x Shrike x Sentrets with flamethrowers x sentret x flamethrowers x ?

This will be updated whenever.