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Originally Posted by ScyKinG View Post
Err no but I didn't want to go back to the 1st page to find the format, so thinking his was right I copied his

anyways... I changed my order a little bit

"Pokemon Theme: NidoKing!
Info: None
Specific Sprites?: Any NidoKing Sprite
Background: I want a Backround just like the Furret, Pichu, and hoppip you did... only in nidoking colors?
Trainer Sprite: ( OR Whichever looks better )

**I only want 1 or 2 of those badge things inside the Pokemon =D -What I ment was only 2 of those little Pokemon sprites sorry, liek the 1's in the sentret you did. No Badges

Meh, hope this clears it up? Wasn't sure what the backround was called but i tried to describe it?

You missed this post I made about the sig i wanted

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