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Originally Posted by bruna View Post
Ok prince 112 Thank you for the idea

New idea!!!!!!

Name: Gabite (with Rock Slide)
Level: 30
Mission: Provide an item rare found in Mt Rainbow, for SHINORA (Winner of SINNOH) in SURFRE TOWN (Flanova Region)

Originally Posted by Crazy Weavile View Post

Name: Porygon2
Level: 35
Mission: Find the injured Snover lost in an beautiful icy cave, filled with crystalline growths and great holes.

Originally Posted by bruna View Post
Giratina can be captured in its origim form?
What are the members of E4, Pkm Raptor? And their types?
What are the pokemons that Virgil (of chaossixtenn) uses?
1. You will know the answer soon. Check the screenshot below.
2. Secret.
3. Secret.

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Hi guys. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I'm busy around with schoolwork. But finally an update here!

Explaination of screenshot:
Giratina decided to help you. It sent you and Steven to an Unknown dimension to face Dialga and Palkia.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Well, a bad news here. Due to some technically problem, I've cancelled the idea of E-Mailing. Hope you guys won't mind.

Anyway, we still accepting the idea of Pokemon Orphanage. Come'on, guys, posting your idea.

And another thing, those who posted their idea of Pokemon Orphanage and I didn't reply means I do not accept the idea. I won't give out reason. Hope you all understand.
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