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Me and two of my friends decided to record some old Pokemon GSC music.

I'm going to post a poll later to decide which song I shall release next.

Tracks Uploaded:
- Buena's Password
- Central Park
- Eusine!
- Team Rocket!

Songs Completed:
- Azalea Town Theme
- Bicycle Music
- Buena's Password
- Bullet Train Theme
- Central Park
- Cherrygrove City Theme
- Dragons Den
- Ecruteak City Theme
- Enter Eusine
- Hall of Fame
- Kimono Girls
- Mother Theme
- Rival battle
- SS Aqua
- Team Rocket Theme
- Title Theme/Main Menu

Tracks In Progress:
- Battle Theme
- Indigo Plateau
- Lucky Numbers Show
- Raikou, Suicune and Entei Theme

I plan on releasing volume one as a sixteen song downloadable album complete with track listing and artwork. Oh, and did I mention its FREE? That should get your attention.

There shall be two or three volumes total for the GSC Collection.

Please critic and comment on the music. If there is something that you do or don't like, please tell me.
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