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Hi, Im new here... so, hello everybody

Pkmn Raptor is a brilliant hack... and the demo was amazing! I was so happy when i found it. But i was very sad ;P when i won against the 4th Leader, because the demo was finished

The best thing is, what noone other did before... that you made a true RPG!!! 1000 Times *Thumps Up* and Respect...

I know Im new here, but i have some important questions [for me]...
- is it true that the demo#1 came out in december 2007 ???
- is there any possibility to raise the speed?! maybe 2x
- the screens show lots of locations, which were not in the demo... for example: how do you get charmanda there?
- are the errors in the markets corrected
- is it true that you could only find HM05 - Rock Smash in this demo#1?
- will there be really all Pkmn to catch? the 12 starter too???
- will you erase trading-evolutions? i hate them
- when do you plan to bring out the next demo?
[- when do you think it is finished?]

so... that was it for now

[PS: Excuse my English xD]
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