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- 1. Yeah... sry, i know that. but i was still thinking the old way
- 3. Hmm... i dont think its so difficult to create a speed button or so like in the vba... but it is his RPG and hey... who cares [me a little XD].. its a really cool thing and i will it play anyway
- 9. Is that true wow thats good news...
- 10.
a. Sry, but its just a question that could only he answer... if he says to me "i dont f***ing know this and shut up", then it is ok, a little rude, but ok. and i dont want an exactly date just a time-spann
b.Yeah... you are maybe right, Im sry for that. but i found pkmn raptor in an other forum at first... and there arent as many posts like here, but i thought it must be the same content at all. but i was wrong sry

anyway... thx for your answeres
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