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This RP starts in America, Las Vegas. For hundreds of years, mythical creatures (Goblins, elves, leprechauns etc) have survived, sharing the power to take on a human form. For just as long, an organization known as the Mythical Hunters have tracked and killed them. They were led by Huntlords. Up until now, 1680, the mythical creatures, always managed to survive. But now, a new Huntlords known only as A has created an elite task force. They exterminated creatures all over the world and now they only live in America.
There are seven in the taskforce who almost always command a group of hunters. These are their descriptions.

Trickster: The smallest in the group, Trickster makes up for her lack of strength with her speed. She carries an enchanted bag that provides her with an endless amount of throwing knives.
Phantom: A thin, dark haired man who used to be an assassin. He is a master spy who can vanish in an instant. He fights with dual blades and has a wide knowledge of poisons. He is strong for his size and is also very fast.
Yin & Yang: Two twin brothers who have mastered archery. They can pin a fly to the wall with an arrow without killing it from five miles away while jumping off a mountain. They each carry a long knife and arrows tipped with pheonix fire. They are agile but relatively weak.
Zulu: A vicious fighter who carries a short spear and three long throwing spears. Utterly ruthless, he is a master of intimidation tactics. He is strong and fast but relatively dim.
Armor: A 380 pound gargantuan who carries a huge sword and wears heavy armor. Nothing can stop his charge. Capable of smashing trees and rocks with his bare hands, you don't want to get into a fight with him. He is incredibly strong, but the armor weighs him down and as a result, he is incredibly slow.
Ringleader: Leader of the taskforce, Ringleader is the most powerful of them all. While he can not beat any of the others in the things they excell at, he is skilled in all of them. Surprisingly for a hunter, he has a lot of mythical creatures' blood in him. He is part elf, part ogre, part leprechaun and part dragon. He is strong, smart, fast and skilled in magick arts.

The goal is to defeat the Taskforce one by one and when you have defeated them all, you must defeat A. He is far more skilled than the taskforce at all of their special skills. He will be a really hard fight. Along the way, try to do as much damage to the Mythical Hunters as possible.


No god-modding
No killing another character
If you want your character to die, tell me first
Try to use good spelling and grammar.
No one liners
You can have more than one character
Have fun
Use the following form for your characters.

What Mythical Creature you are:
Human Appearance:
Mythical Appearance:
History (optional):

Name: Halos
Age: 16
Gender: Male
What Mythical Creature you are: Minotaur
Human Appearance: He has long brown hair which covers an unusually large nose. He is tall and strong, giving him a bulky appearance. He usually wears a T-shirt and jeans. The jeans are long and blue while the T-shirt is ragged at the bottom and has the words "HELL'S BULLS" on it.
Mythical Appearance: Even larger than he is as a human, his minotaur form stands eight feet tall. He has huge, white horns that curl a bit at the tips. His bull head is covered in short brown fur and he has a golden nose ring.
Personality: Halos is a good guy, but he has an extremely short temper. He is very stubborn and once he starts something he wont give up.
History (Optional):