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Oi! That was great! It made me all happy and bubbly inside! My stories are all so depressing! This is definately one of the better oneshots, or any writing, in this section.

I love this one! Post your other oneshots when you find the time!

I didn't really see and grammar or spelling errors, just a few capitalization errors is all. But seriously, that was just awesome. Keep up the fantasic shipping work!

^^ Thank you. I'm not one to really proofread the things I write, so I'm just surprised there aren't more mistakes than there are. I don't have the ability to write something depressing. I can write something emotional and angsty, but they always have to have a happy ending.

I'll work on posting some more!

Aww! So sweet. You should get more comments than just one. I loved the whole friend vs lover battle in his head. It was realistic hugely in that sense. I loved the excuse he gave for the kiss and the little joke at the end. Well if this gave SSS a "happy and bubbly feeling" I wonder what she would do if she read mine. My type goes into more detail about the kissing. But it is hard to read you own work and get the same feeling that you get from reading others. Sweet and Great. Excellent ending. Since an excellent one-shot deserves an excellent rating, that is what you shall get.
Jun is a bundle of fun to write for. ^^ I love writing things in his perspective. I dunno...I actually squeed when I was trying to write the ending. I'm pathetic, fangirling over my own story. XD The ending took longer to write then the rest of the story, since I kept having to stop and squeal. So pathetic...

Thanks so much for the wonderful words! ^///^ I'm glad you think it's excellent.
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