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Originally Posted by JackTheRipper View Post
I'm seriously about to lose my head.
I'm so frustrated that i have to search so endlessly for tutorials and information!!
I wish someone would help me!
I made a ROM hack of Leaf Green with Advance Map, Advance Text, Advance Starter, Overworld Editor, XSE, and FSF. When i test my ROM, it always starts out with "The save file is corrupted blah blah" and i can't get rid of that. If i press continue then it goes to a dark red screen. If i press new game then it puts me through the PROF. OAK lecture stuff(which i've been searching to figure out how to change what PROF. OAK says!) and then when i go out of my house it is a black screen and i can't do anything.
And here's the best part.............this all started happening when i tried to put my script from XSE on the game. The compile button that you said to click does not let me click it so i went to batched compiler or something and did it that way and took one of the 2 offsets that it gave me and put it on a sprite that i made from scratch and so now i can't even play my ROM and i feel like giving up and deleting everything!!!!
Geta new one, XSE is still unstable it may break your rom, get used to it.

Theres a reason called:Backs up