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Thanks for the comments everyone.
Now, to answer the questions~

Originally Posted by EJames2100 View Post
Looks very good, nice screenshots

Also you say; Code base: FireRed BPRE

Is that (U) or (E) or something else, that can confuse quite a few people

Hope to play the Alpha soon
BPRE is for the American one, so I don't think I'll need. That and I don't think there's anyone hacking the European one.

Originally Posted by FriendsRoxYourSox View Post
wow. another moderator doing a hack! yay! i'd love to be an alpha tester.
i hope you can do good on this hack!

i think you should change the palettes. i noticed the flowers are different.
it looks like you're far in this hack already. if you don't have any beta testers, i'd be glad to help. thanx.
I haven't seen any colors I'd like to use in the other palettes, so I'm not sure if I'll change them. The grass palette is changed a bit, though.

Originally Posted by Ryousha View Post
It's back, nice to see you again,Christos ,

you're are going to use the Nate OW in alpha 1 right? or use this one?
Nate is your rival now, Colin is the main character.

Originally Posted by Martin™ View Post
Oh, you've finally decided to make a comeback. Well, that's a good news indeed

Thread presentation seems to be really neat, but I would prefer if the text was aligned to left. It's just a suggestion and it is up to you anyway. But, you have made a great job, as always. And you have provided us with a whole bunch of screenshots. I especially liked the one mentioning Pokémart girls Well, it seems that here comes another Jake. Neat presentation, great storyline... Everything makes this game look professional. I hope you will keep it up this time, and let me know if you need help with anything... I am starting to be pretty skilled in spriting. Well, you know where to find me, if you need something.

Once again, great hack, it is more amazing than it was in all of the development phases. Good luck!
Thanks, Martin. If I ever need help with spriting, I'll ask.

Originally Posted by BlackRainbow* View Post
I belive that he don't need any... also you just want to be a alpha tester just to get release befor anyone. But this isnt thread for this.

Hey Chris will the alpha be much nothing =)
The alpha will go up to the third gym.
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