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Quote originally posted by pokemonlover93:
I can't seem to loop, I don't want to be a burden but, Clonex25, do you hink you could loop my tracks for me? Or send me some .s files that are of the Johto series only? Please? That they're looped already?

EDIT: Okay I found the Problem but I can't fix it, I accidentally hit OPEN WITH. and I hit Notepad but the ALWAYS OPEN IT WITH THIS APPLICATION was Checked,I can't assemble .s files anymore, sappy closes itself and has that Don't send stuff, Anyway that I can fix it? I need to finish what I started!

You must download some kernel32 fix to make this work. Worst case, you must re-install your OS (Windows XP would be fine, and I mean a full re-formatting).


I hvae updated the GBA Music Looping thread. It now has a tutorial for looping multiple-tracked S Files. Click the link below:

Due to popular demand, I have lowered the Wild Pokemon Theme (with two versions) and added it in my music collection thread:

Next STOP: To make guidelines regarding GBA music tracks