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She was mean to Caterpie because she's got a phobia of bugs (the only exceptions are Butterfree and Beautifly). As for her appearance, yes she usually looked very plain, but on rare occasions Misty did look pretty good (see episodes Princess Vs. Princess, The Misty Mermaid, and Cerulean Blues) as long as she let her hair down/wore hair extensions. Her relationship with Ash is one of the major points of her fanbase I notice. I think its because they have a Love/Hate (not counting ships, I mean how they act in general) relationship where they care about each other a lot but on each other's nerves which the others dont do (except that thing with Dawn and Misty's Special Lure which still is started by Ash's friendship with Misty). Also, the other girls are pretty much pampered where as Misty worked to get what she has, another redeeming quality.

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