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Applying for a beta position. I hope that I did this correctly. ^_^;

Incidentally, we could edit our profiles in the future, right? As in, if we decide to change categories. Or do we simply PM you for that?

Catergory: Comprehensive (Or I try to be.)
Genre specialty: None in particular. I'd be happy to read and go over anything. However, romance is my weakest genre.
Preferred method of contact: E-mail ( [email protected] ), with your fic saved as a DOC in an attachment.
Examples of writing:

A Midsummer Knight's Dream
Selling Everything
My other work can be found here.

Examples of reviews/beta-reports:

If you don't mind external links, a few of my reviews from here and other sources:

Arctic vs. Ash
Breaking Out
Cold Deaths
Pokémon – Stats

(Unfortunately, I try to keep betas private because, frankly, I know how people don't like to show off the original without the writer's consent. However, I will say that the one story that was actually posted after I betaed for it is Gary Stu's Unpredictable Adventure by icomeanon6.)

Strengths/weaknesses (optional):
I tend to be incredibly critical. While I guarantee you that I will try to be more polite than I am in reviews (*motions above*), I will still be straightforward (as in, without sugarcoating) and point out pretty much everything, especially if I think you haven't taken my advice from a previous chapter/version. In some senses, this is a strength because I'm thorough for your sake. In other senses, I may be caught up in details or repeat myself frequently.

I also tend to procrastinate a lot, and I take at least a week per chapter. And then I get a little ticked if you try to rush me. So, if you want me to beta for you, you'll probably end up realizing how patient you actually are.

On the positive side, I've spent a number of years studying both English lit and language arts. While this seems like I'm bragging, all I'm saying is most of my life right now is focused on studying the inner workings of literature and understanding how various parts of speech function. If given time, I can take apart a story (analyzing plot elements, characterization, and the little details) and its language (perspective, how language is used – even what certain words imply) to tell you whether or not it works. Not only that, but I have a fondness for applying research to writing, so I'd be able to tell you if your smaller details are logical as well. In other words, I just have training in this kind of thing, and I'd like to think I do a decent job applying what I've learned in the classroom to reviewing.
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