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I'll be a beta-reader... If this application's okay.

Catergory: Plot/Character mainly.
Genre specialty: OT Fics and fics with Pokemon as the main characters are probably my specialties, but I can give pretty much anything a go.
Preferred method of contact: PM, definately.
Examples of writing:

Team Relic's Story
Team Yukon's Story
Oneshot(FFC)-Abandoning the Dark

Examples of reviews/beta-reports:

Review of Supah Funk's Absol Tales.
Review of iRawr-x's The Legend of Manaphy.
Review of Fire Eagle's The Tale of Fire Eagle.

Strengths/weaknesses (optional):

I tend to ignore grammar problems in my reviews, leaving those for others to point out and focusing strongly on the plot's issues. As such, I'm really not that skilled when it comes to going over grammar, but I consider one of my strengths to be presenting problems like believability, plot holes, emotion, and description in a clear way.

When it comes to reviewing, I'm serious about constructive critisism. If the writer has trouble accepting critisism, I push to get them to understand why it is important. But, of course, if you're looking for a beta reader you probably won't have that problem.
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