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Quote originally posted by Kip:
Thanks guys!! :D

I didn't stop there - I did the back too!


No idea whether the game will work with a GameCube or not, or indeed trade with other games, but I put it in to make it look genuine.

And to round it all off, a userbar...


...and a support banner, both based on the boxart.


Hope it's OK! :D

wowowee! O,O
that's sooo cool! THANKIES! :D
oh, and I added the userbars in the first page.
again, thankies~

Quote originally posted by wildarms001:
@DGJ - ehehe :D well im happy coz theres a another hack finish :D and LoG is coming :D keep on waiting 4r the final released :D

well, that's what I wanna see, positive thinking!

Quote originally posted by keyzer3:
I think that rayquaza should have had a more instory role,not just the one from the begining

hm... Rayquaza...
nope.., but I guess...
Lemme think about it.

Quote originally posted by Chazz Princeton:
Sweet hack ....this hacks the reason i returned to Pokecommunity!!Almost makes me wanna start hackin again..

er, thanks. and welcome back in PC..? :\

Quote originally posted by Anthony PoKéMOUNTAIN:
I have had tested this hack-rom, it's a good hack-rom but i had find one bug in the sea with surf (sorry i'm french and it's difficult to speak english). This bug put the player in a zone of the map were i can't move but i don't know if it's corrected in the latest version.

thanks, and may you please show a screenshot?
again, thanks~

Quote originally posted by prince112:
DJG, can you remove the text "GameBoy Advance" in the tiltle screen? And add Nintendo DS instead? Why? Because GBAs are really outdated in these days so I suggest you to do that.

I can't. :\
before I started hacking Rescue Rangers, I just patched that intro. The patch was from Elite Map. :\

er, hi?

I haven't got much to say but I finished mapping one of the ending maps of the 'real' world.
I need to script it now, but then, things got a little busy here...
So I can continue maybe this Wednesday, for I have no class every Wednesday.

also, I've been feeling weak this couple of days, so I rested for every free time I had. :\
I guess too much work gave me stress... school, acquaintance party, etc... oh well...

That would be all.
Sorry for the delay~

Good day and happy hacking~


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