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Originally Posted by Slimt View Post
i didnt read it all but if youre able to change the weard sound of all pokemon to the real sound like they are saying their name, if some1 would make that that would be realy cool, i think it many other people would like that too!
lol sorry wouldn't know anything about that. You'd probably need something that could extract and insert the Pokemon cries. Then there's all that confusing stuff like length, compression and it would probably be complicated.

would like know maginus why drum (acoustic grand channel 10)no sound in rom when i use string ensemble 1 and some other instrument?
all compatile instrument work fine
why drum no drum no?
what i can do?
Well this is more advance stuff which you'll probably figure out in tutorial 2 of this. Most likely I'd say that the voicegroup you assembled in doesn't support the particular kind of drums you're using OR simply, you're using too many instruments.
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