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Originally Posted by blackmage856 View Post
i like the new rombase better ...
i also like your theme of nature its very exciting and new
and the addition of the great steambot chronicles characters = i must play this !

however have you chosen the starters if not they should be grass and be ...

hoppip , seedot , and lotad ( all are dual typed upon 3rd evo )
Haha. Steambot Chronicles is shear AMAZING-NESS! I thought that after Poke-stylizing the characters, they would look really nice!
And yes, I have chosen the starters. A lot of people will probably be able to guess what that starter is, and I'll probably be criticized for it, without any justification (i.e. "dude tht sukzz!!1!"), but that's just fine, because I can ignore it, and they'll get in trouble!!!

Originally Posted by Shexy Dance View Post
Looks great and all, but I want to wait for the beta version of the full version not play the prologue cause it gets really annoying to start it over even if I could just transfer the files somehow, I still like to play through the beginning and stuffz.
Sounds good. Actually, I'd do the same! I just know people get edgy, and I didn't want anyone to spam the thread saying, "When's the relese?!1" =)

Okay! I think I'm going to go with the new ROM Base as it has A LOT more tree tiles (including pines for the Whisperpine Woods), and tree stumps!!! Although, I'm not going to implement it just yet, because I talked to the creator, and he said he'd have a finished version of the base in "2 or 3 days", so I'll wait for that. Until then, I'll be working on new scripts for the next city, Blossombeach City. I would show some new screenshots of the city, but of course, there is the glitch (see Glitches section). I'm not sure if I'll have the glitch with the new ROM Base, but if anyone knows the cause, I'd soooo LOVE THEM! =)
Anywho, new screenshot of the ROM Base:

Not much difference, but there's new water tiles, new path, and a flower (always important) that looks like a dandelion (I'll edit it to make it look more like one)!!

So, comments/concerns? Tell me!
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