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Originally Posted by makunouchi View Post
the new overworld looks nice, and the updates look tidy as always.
but wow, the new palette looks pale(or is it just the rain?).
it looks really nice but it seems like something found at a graveyard.
I was really planning to play it when the first beta came out, but with all the updates, you've made me want to get alpha 1.2.
knowing how great you are at scripting, you will get the alpha done in no time.
well, best of luck on the hack Christos!
If you're talking about the grass being pale, it's probably the rain, I haven't changed the grass palette again, only the mountain palette.

The problem now is that I've been scripting too much and it's boring unless I do some mapping too, and that's slowing the next release down, since there won't be any new maps.

Originally Posted by NasonJewsted View Post
Hmm, seems like I can't continue.

I just beat teh 2nd leader and taught my pokemon rock smash, but I can't smash any rocks although I was told to be able to do that?

where do i have to go?

great great hack!
You can't smash any rocks, it's the end of the alpha, but you can go to the third gym in Reine City.
What I mean by this is, I'm not strict like MOST people *cough* Admins/Mods *cough* on this site. And no not all Admins/Mods are like that, but MOST are,
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