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Lauren: [Peering through the abyss at the others.] 'umans stinkin' up th' place, huh?! I'll show ya... [She brings forth a Pokeball and throws it out, without the semi-corny "Go ____!".]

[From this abyssialness of Pokeball world springs forth a Haunter, darker in coloration than is normal for his kind. Oh dear, Pokemon oddities? I'm sure we've seen those before, aye?]

Taunter: Moorrrning! [Waving his disembodied hands in greeting to one and all, he grins all goofily and is just happy as can be to be free.]

Lauren: . . . Is it mornin' 'ere?

Collin: It's hard to tell in... White Abyss City.

Taunter: We're in a new city?! Waahoo! Where is it?

Collin & Lauren: The region of Abyssial.

Taunter: ... [The poor Haunter looks utterly befuddled, and for good reason; his trainer and her best friend aren't making sense to his poor gaseous brain!] ... I can hear you. [He glares at the Narrator, who's busy eating popcorn, and snorts.] Twit.

Me: Your a twit. Twittery twit.

Taunter: D:

-Taunter the Haunter
-(ゴースト Ghost)
-Team Wilhelm "Leader"
-Gas Pokémon
-5'03" & 0.2 lbs
-Lvl. 65
-And he talks?!
-"Hau hau! Why yes, your soul looks very delicious..."