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Me: Sorry guys, it’s been awhile since I've posted a chapter. I've been busy lately.

Latias: Busy?

Nadroj: Doing what? You're on summer vacation right now! You've got nothing to do.

Me: Ah, but I do...sort of.


Me: Trance.

Nadroj: The music?

Me: Yes, the music. It's distracting, I'll admit.

Nadroj: But it's cool, you have to admit. 130 BPM! synthesizers! Progressiveness! Tiesto!-

Me: I know, I know. Now if you'll please be quiet for-

Latias: What's trance? It’s a type of-

Me: Enough! Both of you! It's no wonder why the next chapter has been sitting in my computer for the past four weeks.

Latias and Nadroj: Sorry...

Me: Thank you. Once I finish the next chapter (which will be the first of the sequel of the fan fiction that you both originated from), I plan to start posting the…prequel of this sequel, if you will. However, before I can do that, I must do some editing. I realize now that when I started my fan fiction, both of you seemed a bit…lacking in terms of character. I’m not insulting you guys; I’m just criticizing the writing style of my former-self.

Latias: Yeah, kind of like when we started out. We could hardly do anything but create energy-based shields and shoot orbs of light. Now…we can jump really high and we have cool swords and cool clothes.

Me: Exactly. People have a tendency to change over time.

Nadroj: So you’re going to post it here at PokeCommunity?

Me: Yes, once I edit it. Let’s hope that we’ll pick up a few more readers.

Nadroj: Sounds good to me.

Latias: Me too. I like the idea of broadening our audience.

Me: I thought you would. Alright guys, I have to get back to writing. Nice…breaking the fourth wall with you.

Nadroj and Latias: Bye!

Nadroj: Wait! I didn’t even ask you-

Latias: I think he’s gone…

Nadroj: Darn, I was going to ask him if he likes Tiesto.

Latias: What’s that? Some kind of pasta? It sounds…tasty.

Nadroj: No! Heck no! It’s not pasta, it’s-

Me: Quiet down there! I’m trying to write!

Nadroj: There you are! Do you have anything by Tiesto? Do you like him?

Me: Yes! Happy? Good! Now be quiet please. The more you interrupt me, the less I can write.

Latias: He does have a point.

Nadroj: So maybe he does. Let’s just leave him in peace. He’ll be more cooperative when he’s not writing…probably.