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Yeah, I know. I was actaully planning to make of mock RPG, where you sign up as a really bad stereotype. I was going to be one of them- the evil satanic supermuscular antisocial dude with a dark past.

As usual, you are right... I sort of suck. I can write English, but my creativity is that of a donkey, and my ideas are so crazy that I get yelled at. Kansas knows all about it. Sorry Kansas... really sorry. Autism really does suck for me sometimes.

I've also seen the veteran Rpgs, save YZ, which is like if gods RP'ed, dry up eventually. As a lurker, I've seen a lot of good RP's just die off. The gap really dries up the amount of RP'ers, and some people dissapear. There are also the mediocre people- not illiterate enough to be newbs, but not good enough to get into most veteran RP's. Like me. I am that.

I am also seeing the same thing happening at other once RP-rich sites. Yes, SPPF. A lot of people joined, and the same thing is happening there. Of course, I abandoned SPPF for Poke, which I must say is better (for a mediocre class like me).

It's all a sad cycle. A really sad cycle. I used to spend my days RPing and thinking of ideas to post- now bygone for Civilization IV, an equally addicting, but less creative, activity. Its a shame, really...

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