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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Ozy. You no longer come to PC. But you are still a god for making this thread. <3333
I wasn't aware that I didn't, but whatever. Seriously, folks, this is my re-introduction to PC's roleplaying community, in new account format. There was about two years where I didn't have the time to devote to RPing on two sites. PC got sacrificed, as RPing here was pretty much dead when I left. Now, I ironically lack the time to RP consistently on the other, so I decided to come back. Little rusty, but back.

Honestly, it gives me a new appreciation for breaking into the community, I never realized quite how tightly knit we were when I was here before. That, and I had no idea something I typed up in a fit of pique would actually evolve into something useful.

To be a little more germane, I'm honestly a little bugged by the number of franchise-based RPs I see in Other Roleplay. I'm also pretty happy that there plenty of original ones, but I much prefer to play in an original world than an fully established one. Try and come up with an idea to hook everyone, not just people who know the series.
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