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Originally Posted by Master Electrician View Post
I wasn't aware that I didn't, but whatever. Seriously, folks, this is my re-introduction to PC's roleplaying community, in new account format. There was about two years where I didn't have the time to devote to RPing on two sites. PC got sacrificed, as RPing here was pretty much dead when I left. Now, I ironically lack the time to RP consistently on the other, so I decided to come back. Little rusty, but back.

Honestly, it gives me a new appreciation for breaking into the community, I never realized quite how tightly knit we were when I was here before. That, and I had no idea something I typed up in a fit of pique would actually evolve into something useful. :P

To be a little more germane, I'm honestly a little bugged by the number of franchise-based RPs I see in Other Roleplay. I'm also pretty happy that there plenty of original ones, but I much prefer to play in an original world than an fully established one. Try and come up with an idea to hook everyone, not just people who know the series.

I don't believe I've ever been so glad to be proven wrong. You and your new account. Pffft. <_< So very misleading. But hey, you got the message! A generally positive outcome. And in the end, you are still god for making this thread.

As for Other Roleplay, I think Other Roleplay and Pokemon Roleplay kind of switch off. If one forum is really lively, the other one is pretty desolate. I dunno, Other Roleplay isn't seeing the same activity as before. But I do agree; I love original world RP's as much as I love series-based ones. But I think that handling an original world RP is more difficult than one that's already been thoroughly explained, so people just kind of opt out.

And actually, here's another one, in the lovely old-fashioned style.

Over-Cautious: I remember that the main problem with the old original RP's that I personally experienced, is that nobody wanted to take the liberty of making something happen. Or like, it was hard to describe where the character was or what they were doing because we weren't sure of the surroundings. I think RPer's that create original world plots should encourage their members to contribute their own ideas and such, and not just leave it up to the RP creator time after time. Assure them that they don't mind if they take the liberty of sitting down on a rock in what was originally imagined to be an empty field of wheat.

That's not so much a completely negative bad habit, but more like something that shouldn't be overdone. That would probably go hand-in-hand with a paragraph about the 'Anal RP Creator'. xD; I think it's much easier to continue the movement of an RP if everyone is able to take little liberties that everyone else will just be flexible with.
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