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Quote originally posted by Xemphos:
the OW sprites for the pokemon are those from MD i noticed

Quote originally posted by Time:

I know we can tell where our player's speech is, but, it's a bit un-game-a-listic, in my case, that is. :\

still it's a nice project, though some places are purely quiet, and needs some crickets to complete the silence. :P

anyways, good luck with this project~

btw, Mechshark was strong. -___-
I'm gonna have a rematch with that dude soon. :badsmile:
Thanks, and I'll put in some crickets ;)
Mechshark is a bit strong i guess...maybe...

Quote originally posted by Wind~:
XD, he was?
I beta mechashark with Teddiursa's Swift.
It took, at least 5 swifts, and Teddiursa was still at level 5! XD
Yea, I changed Teddy's base Exp so he will gain levels regulary

Quote originally posted by dewjr:
hey i can map for you i dont really have any proof but if you teell me what map to edit on the hack ill do it
Just send me a map so i can see how it is, one you made before or something...
How do you guys like this map?
Suggestions, comments, whatever!

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