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Hack name: Pokemon Opal (Yes, I know several of them already exist. I also don't really care.)

Hack of:

Additional information about the hack: Just a basic Pokemon hack... 8 gyms, traveling from town to town, storyline along the way. I'm not posting my entire storyline here, once I make a thread for it I'll put it there.

Finished percentage: Like, 5%. And that might be a stretch.

Your hacking skills: Just above the bare minimum. I can map, and do a bit of scripting.

What help or skill you're looking for: Someone to make sprites for specific characters (including overworld sprites) and somebody who can help me edit the world map or edit the world map for me (based on guidelines), because those tutorials might as well be written in Chinese for the amount I understand.

Additional contact information: My email address is in my profile. But really, I'd rather youjust message me.

Additional information: Nothing, really.
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