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Originally Posted by *Shiny Umbreon* View Post
um hate to ask but... how much is it in download???
If you go to the "Browse all files" link, then you can have a look at the size for each version.
The pkg (package) file, containing everything a normal end user needs, is 237.7 KB. (Less than 1/64 of the size of your Fire Red ROM.)
The sourcecode file, containing everything in the package file but with accompanying source code (except for the backend source code, an old version is on the site but if you PM me I can give you an intermediary version). The size of the source code package, which I doubt anyone wants seeing as C programmers are rare nowadays (except in Linux communities), is 304.5 KB at the moment, just over 1/64 of the size of your Fire Red ROM.

[If you're curious, 1/64 of the size of a Fire Red or Ruby ROM is 256 KB.]

In other words, if you can fit a GBA ROM on your computer, you can fit this software on many, many times.
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