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Quote originally posted by A-D-D-F_Toxic:
Thanks for the calculator. MegaMap seems like it would definitely make it easier, I'm just trying to find a place to download it.

I found MegaMap and I'm still having troubles finding people. I see the "Script-Pointer" in MegaMap. I searched this hex value in Translhextion, which is the only way I can think of to find this person. However, using the original Gold Version, when I search 9E40 (pointer for my rival according to MegaMap), I can find 9E40 4 times. How do I know which is the one I'm looking for?
Umm...the bytes before the pointer are shown in MegaMap also, so you can just check with those, or you can change the byte of one and see if that will change the script, then change it back if it doesn't.

Quote originally posted by ratchet5:
Sorry if this sounds like a really Noobish Question, but the Palettes are All Skrewed up. The only colours are green blue and white and it's very hard to see what colours im editing and such. is there a way i can see their normal colours?

Also, My Noobish question Number 2 is "How can i load my Already made, Custom Tiles into the game"

Sorry if my noobishness is unbearable
1. Is this in-game or in a tile editor?

2. You can use a tile editor's import option.

Quote originally posted by Melash:
Hmm...I'm wondering something. Exactly HOW can I edit tilesets 2,3,4,5,.... and so on? I've never found out how to do it. I've looked through almost all of TLP, but I couldn't find ANYTHING! Thanks!
You would need to find the pointers of the tileset first. Then you add a new slightly compressed tileset (like Tileset 1, also use + and - to compress and decompress) into blank space. Then you replace the old pointers with the new pointers. After that start editing.

Also I have attached a slight expansion on the GoldSilverBanks.ini for Poketext (Just replace the old one), I did this awhile back...could have been early last year. Hopefully it should help those who are struggling with editing text.

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