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Hi again, Time! I just had to say... while your hack is the greatest I currently know of, there is still one thing that bothers me sick! I am dead tired of having to start every single mission from Sinister Woods over and over again! Can't there be a World Map or something instead? (I've only just finished Chapter1, so if this is fixed during Chapter 2 or 3, then my apologies).

Somethings odd. It's happened three times now. I just finished the first Training with the Guild and I went for my next mission. Steelix tells me to train in Sector 1 and... the game freezes. 30 seconds later I wake up in the land of the dead. I go to be resurrected and it freezes again. 30 seconds later I'm back in the land of the dead where I started. Infinite loop. What's going on?