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My team on Silver, which I'm in the middle replaying, is

Geo, Geodude, Lvl 14

Bell, Bellsprout, Lvl 14

Pidge, Pidgey, Lvl 16

Weed, Beedrill, Lvl 16

Sent, Furret, Lvl 17

Toto, Croconaw, Lvl 18

Quote originally posted by lucaslucario:
Rayquaza Lv.100
Blaziken Lv.100
Latios Lv.100
Kyogre Lv.100
Metagross Lv.100
Walrein Lv.100
What the...? None of those Pokémon are even in the game! Have you been paying ANY attention whatsoever?
Need a Level Editor for Mac!!!!!11111!!!!11!



Ok, maybe not THAT badly...
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