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Canceled until I finish Endigo!

Meaning of Underground: A society under the spotlight, not known

Hack Of

Chapter 1 - Pallet Town and School

You start off as a boy/girl who has reached the age of 13 and is ready to continue a journey in the life of pokemon, the professor next door (Oak) gives you a ticket to Pokeschool, a wonderful establishment in the Raynod Islands Northeast of Kanto near the region of Regina. You arrive and right away get your pokemon and pokedex. Your teacher, an Aide advises you to go the Training grounds through one of the upstairs teleporters, if you don't you may go to your bedroom or the Professor's lounge. Once in your bedroom after you have your stuff and presumably have trained you are prompted by your rival to sneak out to the legendary's shrine where the school keeps all of the pokemon they have captured which are rare in. Somehow Celebi escaped from its cage and nowhere to be seen. You look around for a bit and then something flashes. Celebi appears and is scared, it starts to spin around and suddenly you are warped and appear to be in a forest route, what now?

Chapter 2 - Where am I?!...

What happened you are wandering, where am I. no one is around and you feel a bit strange, as you look around you see Celebi appear again, but this time fly away, now what? You know what Celebi can do and hope that it did not happen, but it sure appears you have gone somewhere out of this world... After exploring a bit you find yourself in Blitzkrieg city, an inhabited city, yes, civilization! Trouble is no one knew pokemon were tamable, what was up? Trying to pass to the next route you find a team Himachi grunt waiting at the base of a mountain blocking your way through. He sees you have a pokemon and tells you the boss may be interested, you continue up the mountain and to the next route.

Chapter 3 - The Challenge

Once you get to the bosses place he tells you his team are trying to learn how to tame pokemon and are glad to see another person interested in the sort. For those interested him and Group Himachi have set up a league off 8 gym's where you can fight and gain badges (Root of the Pokemon League). After this a tournament will be devised where four of the best trainers would be chosen to represent 4 stages of intense cunning edge battling and more, what's in store now. On your journey's you realize you are actually in the region of Regina which unfortunately you do not know that well, but hey, at least you will get a town map from the Boss of Himachi. Your journeys will also include a quarrel with the law who totally reject the idea but have no right to put anything to stop you.

Chapter 4 -A Mystery cleared up

After you finish the 4th and last of the Premiere 4 (Elite 4's roots) You are addressed back to Blitzkrieg to see the boss. He has something that may interest you, what could it be. A package sent to him from Kanto adrressed from Professor Oak who is telling about a pokemon named Celebi, right away you are stunned and wander what is up and if this has anything to do with your disappearance from the school oh so long ago. Celebi was missing from the school and two boys were missing.... You are given a Master Ball which was sent by Oak to catch the pokemon after proving you are the best trainer and travel to an island off the coast to the north where Celebi was said to rest, deep in the forest there you find Celebi and it awakens. It gets mad you disturbed it but instead of traveling through time it challenges you. This is the last battle, after this everything is settled and you are done with the game!!

- Whole new Story
- New Region
- New Team(s)
- ALL NEW SCRIPTS! No more simple, "oh you cant go out to the grass without a pokemon!"
- New Pokemon Gym's
- HOPEFULLY new Badges
- Town Teleport system.


HOTW #18

Newer Sprites:

Now the Screens:

Thank you for any further questions and comments.

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