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Quote originally posted by wildarms001:
woot yes the final beta is come to town :D big tnx DJG - Time- :D just chill bro hope everything goes fine to you :D
thanks,a nd hopefully, I will be okay. :\

Quote originally posted by Innocent Light:
Glad you thought about releasing the beta. . . Better prepare for bug reports. :3

* Anyway, I'm really not that good at battling. It was just plain luck. And just to let you know, I lost when battling Angeallen. :\ ehehe... and it was recorded.

Back on topic... Good luck.
thanks and worry not bro...
I will upload it on YouTube.

Quote originally posted by mach8822:
So, it's all finished.
Masn, you rarely see people finishing one game let alone two.
yeah, thanks...

Quote originally posted by ~Daisuke~:
BTW Jagold...when Rose evolves into Espeon and you go back to the Square...there is both the Rose Eevee and the Rose Espeon...
minor bug...
I already know that, but thanks for reminding me...

Quote originally posted by Wind~:
Wait, your "Pikachu" base or the "Gardavoir" base? :\

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