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Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post

It's been over 2 months now and nobody answered my question. I think I should give up hacking.

When I try to insert it into the ROM, it has one of the following problems:

1. It says "Ptr found at [insert hex number here]. Changed." And when I flip back to the sprite, it is inverted (sorta) with a pitch-black background!
2. The sides are cut off.
3. There is a sharing violence.
4. The sprite messes up and there is a background around it when I play the ROM.

If this question is not answered by the next time I get here, I'm cancelling Dark Red and all of my other projects.
I really would care less about you cancelling your hack.

However, have you chacked if it's in 64x64 in size?
also, it is supposed to look like the old sprite with an inverted pallete if you insert a new sprite.

check the other pages and i have demonstarted how it looks in game around here in this thread.

Originally Posted by Time View Post
okay... they work pretty fine and perfect in my case. :\

I really do not know why it doesn't work in your case. however, I am also sure this works in FireRed as well.
I got no time though, busy in real life. :\
but if you wish, I can post some proof that this method does work in FireRed as well. But maybe later. :\

Maybe you have overwritten an offset which was already have been used. :\


here's proof that it also works with FireRed. :\


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