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I hope I'm doing this right...

Title of Story: PokeSenshi
Fandom: Pokemon and Sailor Moon

Plot summary: Kate is a not-so-ordinary girl who finds out she is a Sailor Senshi. Now she has to find others like her, defeat Team Rocket, stop the destruction of the world, and hope the guy she loves won't leave her to face this alone.
Genre: Romance with some comedy.
Rating (PG, R, etc): PG, maybe a tiny bit PG-13
Type of mentor needed: Character or plot.
Writing sample of story: Close to Japan, there is a large island called Kyoso inhabited by Pokemon. There were no humans on this island until Team Rocket took over the island. The leader of Team Rocket was known to most as The Mistress. Team Rocket controlled everything: food stores, hospitals, etc. One day, they were doing tests on Eevees to see if they could make an Eevee be able to switch between all of its evolutions. They tried with two Eevee, but one could evolve into the Kanto and Sinnoh evolutions, the other into the Johto evolutions. Team Rocket was going to destroy them, but The Mistress decided to give them to her eldest son, Anthony, who was five at the time. The one that evolved into the Johto evolutions was in a pokeball with an A on it. The other was in a pokeball with a K on it. The special thing about the Kanto/Sinnoh Eevee was that it was a shiny Eevee, which meant each evolution would be the more valuable shiny form. Anthony was thrilled with the Eevees. He named the boy that evolved into Johto eeveelutions Andy.
The Mistress decided to take Anthony to the hospital with her to make sure everything was running smoothly. She let him go wherever he wanted. Anthony went up to the second floor. Just as he passed Room 201, he heard someone sniffling. Curious, he peeked in. It was Kate, a girl about his age.
Here's what had happened to Kate. Kate could read minds and could use aerokinesis. When she was three, her mother left her. Recently, she and her father were in a horrible accident, placing both in the hospital. Kate had overheard the nurses saying he wouldn't make it. That's why she was crying.
Anthony also had telepathy. He thought, Why are you crying? Kate answered, My father is going to die. Anthony walked into the room. What's your name? he thought. Kate, she replied, and yours? I'm Anthony, he said. He went up to her, hugged her, and let her cry. Then he stepped back.
"This is for you, Kate," Anthony said, taking out pokeball holding the Eevee that evolved into the Kanto/Sinnoh eeveelutions. Kate smiled. She grabbed a rose from a vase next to her. It had a little white band under the flower.
"And this is for you, Anthony," Kate replied, handing him the flower. "To remember me by." Anthony left a little while later, after they had talked and agreed to be friends no matter what, even if they never saw each other again.
Other: Nothing.

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