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Pokémon Distant



You live in the large village of Cretaro, where everybody gets along well, and knows each other. The day
finally comes when you set off on your journey, but get warned you are being chased by someone who
requires information about your family’s sinister history. Then, being captured, you are dumped in a
mysterious forest, not knowing where you are, or how you got here. You eventually find out you are in a
new region, and need to gain membership in order to find the people who put you here, and get back to
your home. But, will you also uncover deeper darker secrets that lie within both the new region and your


-Loads of new and beautiful tiles
-A massive amount of completely changed or subtly changed palettes
-A entirely new plot with twists and turns around every corner
-Some of the most gorgeous maps every displayed in a hack
-Tons of new scripts with never before seen features
-Two fully playable regions
-Brilliantly created overworlds
-Difficulty levels (Standard-Regular levels | Master-All levels multiplied by 1.5)
-A completely original storyline, unlike any others
-A brand new custom titlescreen, curtious of an anonymous fan
-Some of the most professional looking fakemon ever made.
-Five to eight rombases in one hack
-Exhaustion effect in the desert »»» Go to post
-Ability to pick 3 out of 5 possible starters
-A hack that will actually be completed




Disturbed: Mapping, Scripting, Storyline, Tile Inserting, Idealist
Thrace: Scripting, Block Help, Advisor, Use of Frozen tiles
Britney Spears: Advisor, Love and Support
Floating Monkey Pirate: Fakemon
Infernal Contraption: Overworlds

Additional Credits

Kyledove rombase
Austinia rombase
Lucario 9 rombase
Alistair tiles
Colcolstyles Map Help
Pey! tiles
Fangking Omega tiles


None right now, needed
What YOU can do to help
Ideas, and support... and your votes in Hack of the Year!