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Quote originally posted by infernal_rat:
Loks very good I would love to play it good luck
thanks a bunch
Quote originally posted by BlahISuck:
Very nice tiling, but could u make the grass patches bigger, cuz right now they look like bunches of grass, instead of a plain of tall grass.
I don't quite understand what you mean, whether you want me to change the grass tiles or what..?

Quote originally posted by Lucario 9:
hmm a good hack for an awsome mapper well i love the story + features and well the maps and screenshots are awsome well good luck
Quote originally posted by cε׀׀:
You have some great mapping skills, but I can't wait to see some of the scripts in action. Two regions sound great, but I wonder how you'll fit them all XD. The story also sounds nice.
Good luck.
The regions are gonna have around 8 towns/cities each, so I have space to do both.