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Originally Posted by JJK View Post
Well, I believe (not sure) that in the original Gold he came back every Fryday, even if you alredy captured one. And if not, WTF let it be, it's a good bug, let's focus on the bad ones :)
Well, as we all know, Fire Red does not have a clock. Programming one in would be pretty near impossible, if not completely. So, to my knowledge, Zel simply replaced time events with "step events", or when a random (or potentially set, I dunno) number of steps needs to be taken for the event to begin again. So, let's say it's a set variable of, I dunno, 1,000 steps for a Lapras. 1,000 steps later, there's your Lapras. I dunno if that's exactly how it works, but I'm pretty sure it's a good general mindset.

Originally Posted by Alexandraker
I can't play it!!!Helpppp!!!
Did you perhaps check the thread labled, " [Important] Before PLAYING a hack"? Because that might help you out just a bit.
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