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Just a reply to reviews here, and other things.
Originally Posted by DarthWaffles View Post
Well, I just read through all of this and it really brings a whole new aspect to the game. Excellent humour, though I managed to stay on my chair, barely.

There's way too many things I like about this, so I'll just be useless and say:

Cheers, glad you enjoyed the humour. I intend to 'rite moar' as well.
Originally Posted by Pikalover10 View Post
I loved the game and I was actually thinking about something like this but mine wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as yours!!! Very awesome. I hope you have a good day!
Thanks as well.
Originally Posted by SailorShadow View Post
*falls off chair laughing and gasping for breath* I... love... it...
I loved how Miror B starts singing the original pokemon theme and Espeon's like "Oh. GOD. NO." and Rui's like make it stop!
I listened to Miror B's salsa music as advised; awesomeness. It was afro-tastic! xD I love the story overall, and IMO very few mistakes and they were caught already.
How many people fall off their chairs, seriously?
Cheers for the review, and mentioning your favourite part so far. Was an idea that just popped into my head one day. And yes - Miror B's salsa is awesome. Now, if I made less mistakes...
Originally Posted by pokemon luver View Post
Love them absuletely love them sorry for spelling. But those just make so much sense I hope you keep on making these.
Originally Posted by pokemon luver View Post
If it couldn't get any better i'd say just stop right there. But they're getting better so keep on making them please they're awesome!
Thanks. Unfortunately I don't think the next chapter will be as good as the last (as nothing is more awesome then Miror B's battles XD), but I intend to keep making more, and hopefully finish this fic...eventually as well.
Originally Posted by SlowpokeVII View Post
*insert quote here*
This was just fantastic. I could not stop laughing.. And the part when Johnson actually wins with a Magikarp.. HILARIOUS! :D
Thanks as well - another who liked that part.

Ok, two things - firstly the next chapter. It's not done yet - in fact I haven't had much time at all to actually write much (however I do know what i want to have happen, which is something I guess). I've been working on fixing minor errors and polishing previous chapters as well - for insatce any 'older' reders will note a few extra paragraphs here and there in the eariler chapters, albeilt nothing of major importance. Maybe however the introduction of the fact Wes came from a different region, but that's all I think.

I've also been polishing off another unrelated fic as well, and being in the middle of examsand other things to attend to doesn't really help matters. But hopefully I will be able to get some progress done soon after exams. So have patience.

And the other thing - the one-liner reviews. I do not mind you giving me a visitor message or PM of one-liner reviews or the such, but I would prefer if you review here to have them longer, or not at all. Why? Bacuase new fanfiction rules state to not post one-liners, so I advise it if you want to avoid an infraction. Plus it's always nice to read longer reviews on what you liked/didn't like, and anything that may need fixing so I can improve in writing.