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Hey guys great news!
So I was chaining bellsprout in my organic chemistry lecture like always, at about a chain of 20 I go and step into a normal not shiny patch of grass and then proceed to write down some notes while it loads the pokemon, then I finish my notes and go to kill the bellsprout....I had just about hit psycho cut when I noticed something about this bellsprout is off, it's leaves are brown at first I was like hahaha someone hasn't watered this bellsprout then it struck me....the bellsprout was shiny! but I hadn't stepped in a shiny patch.....that first random shiny encounter!!!! I nearly had a heart attack in class, anyways I caught the bellsprout it's a male, quiet nature...looks pretty chain broke around 32 (my cursed break number) but this time I wasn`t made because I had a shiny anyways!
Now all I have to do is get my oddish and I`m done in that area.

Clicky on my eggs please <3 <3:

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