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Originally Posted by Dougo007 View Post
I am not sure where to put suggestions such as "problems" that need to be fixed, but until someoone tells me where to put it I will put it in this fourm.

I have noticed three small problems as of now.

1. Pokemon trainer names are 1/trainer... but I saw this mentoned
2. the gym across the sea has bad tileset layout, somehow (unless I'm looking it at the wrong angle) part of the gym has been shifted by one square (right or left). A player can still go through and battle the gym leader ok though so this is not a big deal as of now.
3. You can't fly to Cherygrove city. Maybe you forgot to implement a "switch" or something.

P.S. I am using RPG Maker 2003 vocabulary since the game seems to correlate that program. I don't have a GREAT amount of experience with RPG though, but I know the simple vocabulary words. This "list" of vocabulary might help me and Zel (or anyone else working on the game) communicate better with each other because I believe he once mentoned RPG, not sure what version though. Let me know. I am using beta 5. (NOT the X version)
for your first one Zel did that on purpose to keep track of the players which involve the phone. He will make proper names later.
2. never noticed
3. There is not egnough flying spots in the game to add.
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