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Originally Posted by Dougo007 View Post
I began to play the game again and I should have mentoned, but the picture when you enter a building is completly different than what it should be. Such as when entering the radio tower, it shows a picture of a cave! Is this to be a placeholder for his own pics or is this a "glitch" or what.....

I just finished taking out Team Rocket in Radio Tower and they vanished as text continued to appear on the screen. Check to see what that is all about. Now that I think about it, in Sprout Tower, when you walk "up a staircase" you are actually walking through it and I know this because I ran through with my ruinning shoes and I made it to the next "tile" before teleporting. That is all I can think of as of now.

A guy in the Radio Tower on the left side of the 4th floor mentions about "a strange broadcast on the radio in the ruins" however, the "radio" does not exist in the game, only the Fire Red TV (paradox?)

The tiles in Clare's Gym look like the old Pokemon Gold tilesets. Also, Why am I swimming in the lava, under the boulders? WHEN I LEFT THE GYM TO HEAL MY POKEMON AND CAME BACK THE BOULDERS RESET THEMSELVES!!!!!

What is the "The Path will only be revealed only to DRAGON MASTERS." about? Is my destiny to become a Dragon Master?
I just got back home. WHAT IS A PIKACHU DOING IN MY BACKYARD!!!!! Can I catch it please?

I just entered Kanto and I am not in the right place on the map.

Just entered Tojo Falls. Where is the waterfall HM? I'll check ice cave once more (location on Waterfall HM in G/S/C)

I saw an item, it might be the HM, but I don't know how to get to it

I saw on another fourm that he had a dratini that knew the waterfall HM and that the HM does not actually exist. Now I need to know where to find this "special" dratini.
1-Alredy noticed, by me actually. Dark Cave has a image with offices, they have beeen mistakenly switched.

2-If u're talking about the kanto tower, it's supposed to be that way, amanda is beating the crap out of the rockets. The sprout tower thing is known from the beggining.

3-I noticed it some time ago. It was simply a thing zel overlooked in the middle of the herculian work. I figure he's taking th etext directly from the original gold,, as he states the he hacks as he is advancing in the original gold.


5-Part of the future plot. And try talking to pika with a space in your team.

6-To be fixed, know from the beggining.

7-Waterfall IS in the ice cave, look better, have in mind that it has been redisigned and is now much more difficult than in the original gold. And sorry, you were fooled by the dratini one.
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