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Originally Posted by 0m3GA AR$3NAL View Post
I just realized that that would be a great, and helpful program! (Unfortunately, I can't use Visual Basic, because my PC is just to slow, Almost to slow to even run an emulator to test my ROMs)
But if you need help transferring a Pokescript into XSE format, I could do it.

Also, Does anyone know of a programing language, that I can use to make programs, that would work on a slow PC. (I think mine has like, either 256mb of RAM, or 512mb of RAM, really slow you see...)
How will it be useful? They aren't even that different, to be honest. If you knew what you were doing in PokeScript, then XSE should be a breeze.

Also VB6 worked fine on my computer for years, and I had 192MB of RAM.
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